The Ugly Bully Neighbor


What would you do?

Imagine, one fine day, your neighbor decided to climb over the fence and camped out in your beautiful pool in the backyard…declaring that the pool is his property AND holding a loaded gun daring you to evict him.

What would you do to your neighbor—the ugly bully neighbor?

That is exactly what Hanoi has been facing since Beijing moved its HD-981 oil rig and several government ships into Vietnam’s East Sea territory—Vietnam’s Paracel Islands to be exact.

Hanoi has voiced objections.

Hanoi has sent its (smaller) ships trading water cannons with China’s (much bigger) ships.

Hanoi (even) allowed Vietnamese protesters to publicly demonstrate their anger against Beijing government in three of Vietnam big cities—Saigon, Danang and Hanoi.

Eventually, there will be only one thing left to do…hopefully, it will not happen!

Coward action by Beijing

Of course, everyone knows why Beijing decided to move its oil rig into Vietnam’s East Sea territory at this time (shortly after Obama’s visit to Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines but not Vietnam).

Simple reason…there will be no actions expected from Washington other than verbal objections.

—Obama administration has proven the willingness to talk strong rather than to act strong.  John Kerry called China’s actions in Sea dispute “provocative”. Tough!

—Vietnam is not an ally of the U.S, unlike Japan or Philippines who are also in dispute with China in China’s East Sea and South Sea

—Vietnam is smaller and weaker than China (so typical of a bully who prefers picking on the physically weaker opponent)


Ch3 Nguyen


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