Barrack Obama and Xi Jinping — two of a kind!

Sunnyland summit

For one weekend, 6/7-6/9/2013, Sunnyland estate of Palm Springs/California will make Karl Marx proud, Vladimir Lenin happy, Mao Zedong satisfied and Ho Chi Minh dumbfounded in their graves. For one weekend, Sunnyland will host the summit between 2 current and most powerful socialists in the world—Barrack Obama and Xi Jinping.

The heat in Sunnyland may swell over 100ºF this weekend but do not expect heated exchanges between these 2 leaders as they actually agree more than disagree.

Ahead of the summit, there were expectations and cyberespionage—by a unit of China army hacking/stealing tera-bytes of U.S government/business blue prints/information—and human rights will be main topics of discussion.

However, can Obama really raise these issues?

Cyberespionage—spying in the internet era

Can Obama raise this issue with Xi while his own regime (administration) has been spying on the people? His own regime—via Eric Holder and DOJ—has been spying on AP and Fox News reporters using fears of terrorism as an excuse. And millions of phone records of Verizon clients have been submitted to his administration—again, using war on terrorism as an excuse.

Xi will have excuses for China spying on the internet as well. And he will whisper those to Obama’s ear in fluent English, without the need of an interpreter.

End of the cyberespionage conversation! Let’s move on to the human rights conversation.

Human rights—or lack thereof

On Friday, 6/7, Obama said “…You can’t have 100 percent security and then also have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience. We’re going to have to make some choices as a society…” in defending his regime snooping around people’s phone records and Internet use while trying to convince the people of this “land of the free” the price of “security” is less “privacy”.

And on the same day, Obama praised Beijing “…The transformation that’s taking place in China is extraordinary. And never in the history of humanity have we seen so many people move out of poverty so rapidly…”

Xi could not agree more with Obama on both statements. And Xi may very well remind Obama that the price Chinese have paid for this transformation has been their human rights—or lack thereof. To this, Obama could say nothing.

Well…end of the human rights conversation!

What will they talk about then?

Oh, Mr. President, how is your basketball game nowadays?

Well, it’s been coming along well. I think I can play like ‘Mike’…

I have enjoyed the NBA playoffs this year very much!

Too bad that my city’s teamChicago Bullshas been eliminated…

You know…we should expand the NBA to include teams from Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong soon! Don’t you agree?

Well…why not? You’ve already got our pigs—Smithfield!

The heat in Sunnyland will be over 100ºF this weekend and it was foolish to expect serious exchanges between these 2 socialist leaders.


Ch3 Nguyen


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