Who is in charge?

While Tea Party groups were put on hold…

Now, we all know the IRS improperly targeted group with names containing “Tea Party” or “Patriots” from seeking tax-exempt status—but we have not known who were behind this practice yet. Continue reading

April Jobs Report


The numbers provided by government

The government reported that the economy added 165,000 jobs in April, 2013. And the unemployment rate dropped to 7.5%.

Let let us look in the numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to see the real state of employment (click here to access data prepared by the BLS).

(Numbers in thousand—all figures are seasonally adjusted)

                                    Jan                   Feb                  March             April

Civilian labor force:   155,654           155,524           155,028           155,238

Employed:                  143,322           143,492           143,286           143,579

Unemployed:              12,332             12,032             11,742             11,659

Unemployment rate:  7.9%                7.7%                7.6%                7.5%

Not in Labor Force:    89,008             89,304             89,967             89,936

Not in Labor Force—

But want a job:           6,750               6,631               6,821               6,413

Numbers that stood out in this month’s report (from table A-8) is the number of people working part-time: Continue reading