Obama went berserk over gun control defeat

Making it more difficult for “dangerous criminals” to buy weapons

On 4/17/2013, Obama was not happy…

—not because the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits went up last week

—not because report of the factory activity in the Mid-Atlantic region cooled in April (an indication of economy slowing down)

—definite not because the Boston Marathon bomber (or bombers) has not been caught

He went berserk/angry because the gun control bill was defeated in the Senate with 4 Democrats joining Republicans in voting No.

He claimed the bill would make it more difficult for criminals to buy weapons by forcing background check for gun sales at gun shows or online—ignoring facts that internet sales requiring guns to be shipped to/from Federal Firearms Licensees (a federally licensed gun dealer) and gun shows also have background checks.

He vowed to defeat those who voted No rejecting the bill to defend Second Amendment—especially those who are up for relection in 2014.

Pressure Cooker control

Using the arguments on the lefts to control guns, one would expect Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein to meet with Joe Biden and Obama soon—no, not to discuss how to create more jobs for over 18 millions who needed but could not find a job last month.

Rather, they will be meeting to discuss how to control the sales of pressure cookers—the lethal weapon that was used to build the bombs that killed 3 and injured over 100 in Boston Marathon.

Yes. Michelle Obama will be helping to create a federal registry to keep a list of all buyers of pressure cookers—rumor has it the sales of pressure cookers have started going up.

Good news

The FBI released photo of 2 bombing suspects.

We hope that they will be turned in soon—someone must know these 2.

Call and report them!


Ch3 Nguyen


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