Boston Marathon bombing

Avoiding the T-word

The Boston Marathon bombings killed 3 innocent people and injured over 100 others at an public gathering event. Was it an act of terror?

On Monday, “We don’t yet have all the answers but we do know that multiple people have been wounded, some gravely, in explosions at the Boston marathon,” Obama said from the White House briefing room—refusing to use the word terror.

On Tuesday, after CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Fox News Bill O’Reilly and many others questioned his failure to use either “terror” or “terrorism” in his speech on Monday, Obama decided to call it an act of terrorism after all—showing real power of the media!

Mr. President, anytime multiple explosive devices were used to kill innocent people at a public place, it’s safe to call it an act of terror. It’s okay to call it an act of terror—no one will ridicule you for using the T-word like you ridiculed former President Bush during your 2008 campaign. And no one will automatically link it to Al-Qaeda unless there is real evidence—don’t worry that you will be ridiculed since you already declared Al-Qaeda defeated. Don’t wait for “approval” from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer before calling it an act of terror.

And Barney said

While most of us felt for Boston…it did not take long for Barney Frank to politicize the tragic event.

A day after the bombing, he said:

 …I hope that we will then be able to find some revenue I hope from the federal government so that Boston doesn’t have to pay for this absolutely necessary expenditure, by cutting back on other important services down the line

We are spending a great deal of public money here. I’m glad that we are. And yes, I do want maybe for this to have some people be less enthusiastic of reducing the ability to respond to a crisis like this

How about spending money to prevent crisis instead?

Obama administration has reduced budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45%—the budget was reduced from $20 billion under Bush to just $11 billion. (click here for more details).


 …If people stay away from the Salt Lake City Marathon, the terrorists win…the statement came the Salt Lake City Department as they prepare for the marathon on Saturday, 4/20.

Life must go on…for Salt Lake Marathon (4/20), London Marathon (4/21) and Orange County Marathon (5/5).

Just like life went on for Americans after Sept 11, 2011.


 Ch3 Nguyen



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