On 3/7: The UN approved more sanctions on North Korea triggering Kim Jong-un government to announce it had the right to a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” on the US

On 3/19: The US showed off its B-52 nuclear-capable bombers over Korea—responding to North Korean threats to attack US and South Korean

On 3/27: North Korea decided to cut a key military hotline with South Korea—the official direct link between the two Koreas

On 3/30: North Korea announced it entered a “state of war” with South Korea

On 4/2: North Korea announced it will restart its nuclear reactor.

On 4/4: Pyongyang threatened “merciless” strikes on the US after the US announced the deployment of ballistic missile defense system to Guam

Stay tune for more…as the world turns, the potential conflicts on the Korean peninsular is getting hotter every day.

Are you ready for M*A*S*H II?

Well, if you believe Kim Jong-Un—the immature, fat-baby-face leader of North Korea—then it may be coming soon. If you don’t, then all the threats are just Kim’s ways to get more attentions and more aids—food-aids included—for his country.

Nevertheless, we should give credit to the Obama administration for reaffirming to stand by and defend our ally, South Korea.

In the mean time, one will wonder how sexy “Hot Lips” would be in M*A*S*H II? Who will play her? Who would play the pathetic Frank Burns?

Ch3 Nguyen


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