Xi Jinping: Butt out!

Well, not exactly his words…but that was what he meant.

During a his recent trip to Russia—first overseas trip as the number one man in Beijing—Xi Jinping warned against “foreign interference” during his speech at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

We must respect the right of each country in the world to independently choose its path of development…” Xi said—a warning to the US?

Xi’s trip to Russia—a “good friend” as remarked by Xi

Freshly confirmed as China’s president last week, Xi Jinping chose to visit Russia first to signal Beijing’s intention to strengthen ties with former communist rival Russia—formerly known as Soviet Union during Cold War.


Xi continued “…Strong high-level Chinese-Russian ties not only meet our interests, but serve as an important, reliable guarantee of international strategic balance and peace.”

There may be no doubt that China intends to move closer to Russia even though the two countries have repeatedly (in recent months) use their veto votes in United Nation Security Council to thwart any attempt tougher action against Syria’s government—a “friend” to Moscow.

While Obama administration has foolishly (and repeatedly) rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline project between Canada and the US, China and Russia have come to an agreement to build a gas pipeline between the two countries—one being the world’s top energy consumer and the other being one of the world’s top energy producers.

Cold War II in the making?

There is no doubt that Beijing has not been happy with the US support of Japan in the dispute with China over Senkaku islands. After all, who can expect a bully like Beijing to be happy with the recent reaffirmation by Secretary of State John Kerry that Senkaku is covered by the US-Japan Security Treaty—i.e. messing with Tokyo on these islands will mean DC will have to jump in.

While the US won the cold war with building military and economic supremacy over Soviet Union and China, one must not forget that perhaps another main factor was that Moscow and Beijing were rivals in the communist bloc.

If cold war II is in the making, it will not be anything like the previous cold war if Russia and China join force—and don’t be fooled by thinking North Korea is not being controlled by Beijing no matter what China may have been saying.

With the US cutting its defense budget and Obama’s disbelief in “peace through military strength”, the US may soon not have any advantage in advanced weapon technology—one of main reasons that Reagan was able to bring down the Soviet Union.

And let us not forget how the world is being dependent on China for manufacturing—one more reason to stop buying “Made in China” products.


Ch3 Nguyen


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