The true State of the Union

—true number of unemployed:  18.9 million in January, including 12.3 million unemployed as counted by the government and 6.6 million out-of-labor-force people who looked for but could not find jobs.

—number of people on foodstamps: 47 million or 44% of population

—number of people on welfare: 4.3 million

—total US debt: 16,521,571,872,000 (over 16.5 trillion) as of 8:27pm PST 2/12/2013, with over 6 trillion added by Obama

—before 2013, middle class income has dropped by an average $4,500 under Obama

—2013 tax increase on the working middle class: over $100 billion

—2013 tax increase on the top tax rate (aka the rich): about $39.5 billion

—Beijing has been increasing the number of nuclear warheads in China over 1200

—Washington DC, under Obama, has decreased the number of nuclear war heads in the US. And now he wants to reduce further to about 1,000 (from 1,700)

—North Korea continues testing its nuclear weapons



Ch3 Nguyen


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