Stop the Madness Now!

There is no question that everyone was upset at the senseless shooting that took the lives of 20 students and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. But the over-reactions from the left to politicize the event to advance their gun controls is nothing but hypocritical and “loco” in some cases.

Loco Cuomo

On 1/9, Gov. Cuomo of NY said “…too many innocent people have died already…” and wanted to “…end the madness, now!

As one with 2016 election in mind, Cuomo wanted New York to have strict gun control law and to “…set an example for the rest of the nation…”

Is it really? New York to set example for the rest of the nation in saving lives (?)

Let us look at some numbers…

In 2009, based on statistics from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), New York reported a total of 119,996 abortions in the state – ranked # 1 in the nation. And, 41% of the abortions took place after 9 weeks of gestation – 7% at more than 16 weeks.

That’s right. 119,996 innocent lives died in New York in 2009.

While it’s true that there were 11,493 deaths due to fire-arms in the country in 2009 – CDC data, for the likes of Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden out there across the country…consider this number: almost a total of 1,200,000 abortions in this country in 2009. And less than 1% was due to rapes.

That’s right. Too many innocent people have died each year already – 1,200,000. STOP THE MADNESS NOW!

Ch3 Nguyen


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