Numbers in the week of 12/17/2012

To stop shootings

After the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) announced she would introduce gun control legislation next year. President Obama followed and assigned Biden to lead a task force to control guns.

On the other hand, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” said Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A. vice president.

What do Americans think?

A recent Gallup poll found:

87% thought increasing the police presence at schools as somewhat (or very) effective method while 12% disagreed. (I agree with this opinion)

84% thought increasing government spending on mental health screening/treatment as somewhat (or very) effective method while 14% disagreed

78% thought decreasing the depiction of gun violence on TV, in movies, and in video games as somewhat (or very) effective method while 20% disagreed. (I agree with this opinion)

64% thought having at least one school official at every school carry a gun for the school’s protection as somewhat (or very) effective method while 34% disagreed. (I agree with this opinion. Perhaps, the principal and vice-principal should be the candidates for this responsibility. The thought of some official having guns at school will scare off shooters. There were reports that the shooters usually shot themselves the moment they heard the siren)

63% thought banning the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns as somewhat (or very) effective method while 36% disagreed. (Once the lefts achieved this goal, the lunatics may turn to the usage of driving cars into the crowd to kill. Are the radical lefts will regulate on who can buy cars then? Or what kind of cars they will ban?)

Sandy aid bill

$60.4 billion is the price tag to repair areas destroyed by Sandy—or so said by the Democrats and the White House.

The aid package included:

  • $25.1 million to repair and rehabilitate farm and ranch land—non-Sandy related. Democrats argued the supplemental represents the best opportunity to fund much-needed emergency programs, aka pork!
  • $150 million for fishery disasters declared by the Secretary of Commerce in FY2012—again non-Sandy related. This aid’s supporter, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts said the Sandy aid package won’t pass “without the inclusion of this fishery money—point-blank and period.”
  • $2 million for repairs to the roof of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Now, if you remember, DC was not in the path of Sandy.
  • $15 million for NASA facilities.
  • $274 million for Amtrak repairs—Democrats argued that the money will help guard against future disasters. More pork!

Democrats who acted so concerned with the damages after Sandy blew by in October now are willing to hold up the aid package unless they can include their pork money in the package. One must not wonder any longer why we have accumulated over $16 trillion in national debts and why we are better off heading over the so-called fiscal cliff unless some serious/major spending cuts in the deal between Obama and Republicans.


Ch3 Nguyen


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