Crazy people killed innocent people

Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting

By now, we’ve all known/heard of the tragic story—if you need to read to the story, please click here or here.

By now, we’ve all asked…why—but no answer will probably be provided since the coward killer took his own life. And even if we know why, it will not help to bring back the 26 victims—20 of which are elementary school kids.

By now, the name of the killer is probably known to hundred millions of people not just in the U.S. but in the world as if he deserves our attention. This killer was about 7 or 8 years old when the media portrayed the killers of Columbine High school shooting like they were “celebrities” with hours of non-stop coverage. One wonders how he thought of the killers at Columbine High? Or the killer at Virginia Tech/the killer at youth camp on Utoya Island (Norway). Did his mom talk to him about these killings?

But by now, one should hope people will also get to know and remember the names and actions of the true heroines of the school longer than the killer. From Dawn Hochsprung (school’s principal who rushed toward the killer when she heard the gun sound), Vicky Soto and Anne Murphy (who died while shielding their students from bullets), Mary Sherlach (school’s psychologist who also rushed toward the killer trying to stop him), to the story of a little boy who grabbed his friends and ran out of the doors (luckily, he and his friends survived).

Gun control debate

As with any previous mass murder shooting, people on the left rushed to urge more government laws to control gun.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy (D) called for stronger national limits on gun control.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) vowed to introduce a bill next year to ban the sale, transfer, transportation, and possession of assault-type weapons.

President Obama urged for more “meaningful action” against gun crime in the US—not sure what specific actions he had in mind.

Will tougher gun control laws help?

CT Governor Malloy believes stronger national limits will help but he conveniently forgets that the guns used by the killer in Sandy Hook Elementary (Newtown, CT) were bought by his mom—a resident of CT—and probably in CT. CT is one of the states with tough gun control laws in the nation.

Senator Feinstein of course (as expected) does not recognize that Norway is one of the European countries with tough gun control laws. Those laws did not help preventing the 2011 shooting at a youth camp on Utoya Island (Norway) in July, 2011. The shooting killed 68 people. The killer lived in southern France—another country with tough gun laws.

Without guns, the killer could drive his car into the crowd of students in the parking lot…and he could kill more innocent students.

Instead, perhaps we should control the violence that our young kids see on TV/movies every day—but we can’t since Hollywood is on the lefts’ side.

Crazy people killed innocent people

Shooting to kill innocent people will never make any sense—especially when the innocents include children. It will take a long time for the families of those killed in Newtown, CT, to heal. And time may never completely heal the parents of those kids.

But, hopefully, most of us will recognize that crazy people killed innocent people—not the guns sold legally.



Ch3 Nguyen

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    • Well…as a society, we are getting there.
      It’s “holiday tree” and not “X-mas tree”.
      Don’t get me wrong…I am not a Christian…but I don’t mind people calling it “X-mas tree”.

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