November Jobs Report

The numbers

—total number employed: 143.2 million, a decrease of 122,000 from October

—total number unemployed (as counted by government): 12.1 million, a decrease of 229,000 from October. Good news? Not quite. The government confirmed that more people dropped out of the labor force. Of those counted not in the labor force, 6.8 million (an increase of 230,000) wanted but could not find job. This means a total of 18.9 million who wanted but could not find job. This total has not changed since September.

—the government counted 542,000 more not in the labor force. This helps putting the unemployment rate at 7.7%

—the government also confirmed that there were 49,000 less new jobs created in October and September than reported. One must ask if this is data manipulation by the government when the reports came out in early October and November in order to help Obama’s reelection. Inflate the job creation numbers and deflate them later. From exit polls taken on November 6, 40% of voters believed the economy was getting better (majority of this group voted for Obama). How many of this group judged the economy on the “inflated” job created in September and October?

—there are still 8.2 million part-time workers who could not find full-time job. Add the 18.9 million who could not find job, we have a total of 27.1 million who are unemployed or underemployed. This number has not changed much since September.


Why did  61.8 million voters choose Obama?

Why did 8.2 million voters decide not to vote at all?


Ch3 Nguyen


One comment on “November Jobs Report

  1. Remember 47% statement from Romney ? I think 61.8 million voters either want hand outs or no clue about economy or vote for their race or blindly believe that Obama will turn the country around . For 8.2 million voters that decide to stay home,I think they dont beleive Romney ‘s conservative enough (Romney care ?) and will spend money recklessly on defense just as Obama has spent recklessly on entitlement ,and ” that is my 2 cents”. I could be wrong

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