China Makes Waves in East Sea—South China Sea

Vietnam lodged protest

Two China fishing boats blocked Vietnam’s exploration vessel—Binh Minh 2—while in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone. Vietnam accused a China fishing boat of cutting its vessel’s seismic cable. This childish act is not new. Beijing used that trick before in May 2011 when cable from the same vessel Binh Minh 2 was cut by China boats.

This latest bully act from Beijing occurred after a recent announcement by Hainan province that Chinese vessels would board and search ships in disputed areas of South China Sea—containing important shipping lanes of more than a third of global trade moves.

Vietnam lodged an official protest with China Embassy in Hanoi.

India vowed to protect its interests in East Sea

Vietnam operates several joint ventures with India in oil and gas exploration in its territory in East Sea/South China Sea—prompting India to consider sending navy vessels to protect its interests in the South China Sea. Admiral D.K. Joshi, head of Indian navy, told reporters India was prepared to send navy vessels to East Sea.

What will India’s next move be?

When will India send navy vessels to South China Sea?

China and its energy dependency on Middle East

It’s well documented that China views South China Sea and the vast oil resources lying beneath it as a way to get off dependency on the Middle East for oil imports. In 2011, the Middle East supplied 51% of oil imports to China. Saudi Arabia supplied 20% of China’s oil import.

It’s also well documented that history proved that China’s claim of South China Sea came in the 1940s. In 1904, China’s map did not include any part of South China Sea.

China’s recent bully acts come less than a month after Xi Jinping took power in Beijing and a month after President Obama’s election. Whether this is Xi Jinping’s confirmation of his foreign policy in Asia-Pacific or a challenge to Obama’s pivot to Asia program remains unclear.

It will be interesting to see if the U.S. will react should the situation escalate further.

Ch3 Nguyen


5 comments on “China Makes Waves in East Sea—South China Sea

  1. I hope we dont have another war with China. They are my long long distant relatives. My last name “Truong” in VN is a” Young” last name in China. Win or loose is a no position for me. My greeat great grand pop from China

    • Minh Truong, my last name is truong too, had nothing to do with china or chinese. You can claim yourself what you want, do not include me and other proud Vietnamese. Why don’t you go back to your china? We don’t need people like in Viet nam.

      • Chill out, why you take it personally ? I did not mean to include all people with last name Truong, I just speak for myself and my family, since my G G grant pop from China and I can live wherever I want to live- USA or china or VN, you dont need to tell me go back to China, it’s very insulted in your part.

    • Minh, I also hope there is no war between China and Vietnam. We don’t need war. But you have to admit China govt. is very arrogant in claiming the whole sea as its own though. By the way, we don’t have problem with Chinese. It’s the Beijing government that we don’t agree with.
      By “Young”, do you mean like Vương?

      • I was told me by my Chinese- Vietnamese professor when I was in college that “Truong” in VN is “Young” in China . Her last name is Ma (in Chinese) which is Ma~ (in Vietnamese). As a grown woman, I’d been seeing so much damage from North and South VN war, then Iraq, Afghan war, now China and VN war again (?), I hope not and I agree with you, Beijing government is the problem, Chinese as the rest of people in the world like peaces and harmony .Peace out!

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