China’s new passport design

China may think its new passport design is clever

From an article from VOA (read here), China has just issued a new design on their passports—featuring a map of China with areas of the East Sea claimed by Vietnam, the West Sea claimed by Philippines, and other countries.

Beijing thinks this will force other countries—Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam—to stamp the passport pages with the map and indirectly to acknowledge the map.

What a sneaky move by Beijing. Taiwan’s government raised their objection on Friday. Philippines and Vietnam also objected earlier. This is viewed as the first move by the new regime in China in continuing to bully its way to the entire South China Sea.

What Vietnam can counter

Vietnam should make a special passport stamp for Chinese tourists. It should say…“Vietnam welcomes Chinese tourists” and below it show the map of China in 1904 that did not have the South China Sea (nor Paracels, Spratly Islands) as its claim.

China Map in 1904

China Map in 1904 — no Paracels/Spratly Islands

Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei also should do the same.

Ch3 Nguyen



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