Thanksgiving Day Shopping

For most of us, Thanksgiving is about quality time (and dinner or brunch) with family, friends and close ones—not to mention watching football games on TV.

For some of us—more and more every year—Thanksgiving also means working. With 31 full days from black Friday until 12/24, I don’t get it when stores decided to open on Thanksgiving Day to kick off their holiday sales. What is the rush?

For the shoppers who will shop on Thanksgiving Day, shame on you. You are the real reasons why these thousands of workers have to work on this day. You should stay home and enjoy the day like millions of us.

For stores like Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Kmart, Gap, and many more, shame on the managements—opening one more day will not generate that much more profits. Many of us have a holiday spending budget. And spending it one day earlier does not mean we will spend more. It’s a shame that these stores decide to destroy the American tradition of Thanksgiving Day.

For the thousands of workers who work on Thanksgiving Day, I applaud you for working instead of depending on millions who decide to depend on government.

For stores like Macy, Best Buy, and Kohl which decided not to open on Thanksgiving Day, I applaud your management for giving the employees a day to be with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day wishes and thoughts…

–        We wish for the continuation of the Obama tax cut. We should give credit where credit is due. The so-called Bush tax cut ended in December 2010—the current tax rate that we, the rich and the middle class, have been enjoying the last 2 years was due to President Obama’s extension of the tax cut. We hope Pres. Obama and Congress will be able to work out a new tax deal that will not prevent economic and jobs growth—perhaps, they should listen to the advice from Bill Clinton on June 6, 2012 when he urged them to extend the Bush-era tax cut across the board.

–        We wish to have millions of new (full-time) jobs for the 20-plus millions who are still unemployed. There is no question that this economy is still in recession. We need Pres. Obama working with both Republicans and Democrats in making policies that will work—now that he does not need to play politics to get re-elected. For the sake of the country, let us hope that he will move closer to the center like Bill Clinton. And let us hope many of the 48 millions who are depending on food-stamps will be able to be on their own soon.

–        Most importantly, we are thankful for the peace we have at home. And we are thankful for the servicemen and servicewomen for keeping our country safe. Our thoughts are with the families of Ambassador Stevens and 3 Embassy officials who were abandoned to die in Benghazi. Let us hope that these will be our last losses to Al-Qaeda.


Ch3 Nguyen


One comment on “Thanksgiving Day Shopping

  1. Happy belated thanksgiving, I was busy the last few days, I couldn’t wait for the holidays over. Sorry if any of you love holidays and family get together, I don’t ,I was so tired or exhausted but pretending that I was full of energy.Oh well, I don’t have to see some of them for another year.

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