Parting words from Ron Paul

Thanks for your service, Congressman Ron Paul

On his last speech to Congress, Ron Paul reminded Americans that the U.S. Constitution which intended to limit the power of government has failed.

“…The founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified…” said Ron Paul. Many of us don’t hold government accountable for their actions. A majority of us still voted for Obama even though he lied to Americans regarding Benghazi—and how he abandoned the 4 Americans to die there.

 “As long as most people believed the material abundance would last forever, worrying about protecting a competitive productive economy and individual liberty seemed unnecessary,” he warned. Despite running up over $6 trillion more in debt with no economic improvements to show for it, President Obama was chosen to come back for more spending. Who and how do his voters think the $16 trillion in deficit will be paid? Do they believe the government can take care of people? It’s “me first” society now.

The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people worldwide, is to pursue the cause of liberty.”

Coming to America

I remember when I first came to America, one of the very first songs I heard (and liked) was “Coming to America” by Neil Diamond—click here to listen to the song.

Among the words I still like:

Only want to be free
We huddle close
Hang on to a dream

On the boats and on the planes
They’re coming to America
Never looking back again
They’re coming to America

Home, to a new and a shiny place
Make our bed, and we’ll say our grace
Freedom’s light burning warm
Freedom’s light burning warm

Everywhere around the world
They’re coming to America

Got a dream to take them there
They’re coming to America
Got a dream they’ve come to share
They’re coming to America…

What happened to America that my parents put their teen-age boy on a boat leaving socialist Vietnam for?

What happened to the America that I came to in 1981?

I may be down in hope for a better America since November 6 but I’ve not given up hope for that America to come back some day.


Coming to America

Coming to America










Ch3 Nguyen

8 comments on “Parting words from Ron Paul

  1. “what happened to America ? What happened to that South VN ? that my parents fled the North VN communist in the 50’s to settle in Saigon, to search for free society ,free people with free will”.I still search for that answer. Love your blog Nguyen. My mom has the same last name like yours. I wonder if we related. She is from Haiphong

      • Somehow, I feel we’re related, maybe because we have the same conservative view. Is that the picture of your boat coming to America ? I wonder how life had been for being a teenager w/o parents ? You must be from a good conservative family

        • The picture is from the internet. My parents worked hard to make ends meet. My dad worked 2 jobs in Vietnam — before 1975. Mom worked too for the government there. Life was not as tough when I first came here since I lived with my aunt’s family.

          • Your English and Vietnamese are so good, you must be major in English or Van chuong when you were in college. My major was science and nursing and most of people that I know are liberals that’ s why I m so glad that I found you. You ‘re going to be stuck with me from now on, Nguyen.

            • Actually, my major in college was Math. I am working in IT field. I am glad you will stay with my blog.

  2. I told my sister about your blog. She lives in Maryland and a die hard conservative. I hope she enjoy your writing as much as I do

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