Numbers in 2012 presidential election

So President Obama was elected by majority of people on November 6.

Many analysts have offered their opinions on why President Obama won and/or how Governor Romney lost the election. And with all political opinions, you take the ones from the right with your right ear, ones from the left with your left ear and use the brain in the middle to process and filter them out. In the end, of course, you will find the truth.

The election was close. The swing states again were decisive factors. Let us look at some numbers to see who voted for Obama—keep in mind the assumption that the number of voters died between 2008 and 2012 will balance out the number of new voters added.

Some interesting numbers

-Obama received 7.2 million votes less in 2012 (62.3 million votes) comparing to 2008 (69.5 million votes). I applaud these 7.2 million who came to realize they voted for the wrong candidate in 2008. However, it seemed like they did not vote in 2012 as Romney also received about 1 million votes less (58.9 million) comparing to what McCain received in 2008 (59.9 million). Didn’t they realize the best way to correct their mistake in 2008 was to vote Obama out? Not voting is never a good solution. There were 131.4 million voters in 2008 but only 123.2 million voters in 2012. I believe that Romney lost the election by not able to attract these 8.2 million voters.

63% of voters with income less than $30,000 voted for Obama. Let’s assume that the percentage of adults among the 48 million welfare recipients is 60%—i.e. 28.8 million adults. And let’s assume 80% of these adults are citizens and half of them voted—at least 11.5 million voters. Take 63% of this group and you will get 7.3 million votes for Obama. Why do you suppose these 7.3 million might vote for Obama—“we got your back…” now we need your vote…? One thing I must note that within this same income bracket, 35% voted for Romney—if you apply the same logic, you will come up with 4 million people casted their votes for real hopes—hope of getting jobs and hope for independent again. Let us applaud these 4 million.

234 Republicans were elected to the House of Representatives (with 6 races still undecided). While Obama blamed congressional Republicans for blocking him, people did not believe him. Obama may have won the reelection, the people wanted Republicans in the House to control Obama from over-spending and over-taxing.

-If you repeat a lie often enough, then it becomes truth…and people will believe it. Obama blamed the bad economy on Bush and Bill Clinton claimed Obama inherited a very bad economy that he could not improve in just 4 years—blames that people believe. Obama and Bill Clinton claimed that the economy has started improving and with more time Obama could improve this economy—lies that people believe. From exit poll, 40% believe the economy is getting better. Worse yet, many still blame Bush for the battered economy. One must ask whom Obama 2.0 (2013-2016) will blame—Obama 1.0 (2009-2012)?

71% of Hispanic voted for Obama.

51% of voters with no college education voted for Obama.

51% of voters with college degree voted for Romney.

108% of eligible voters voted for Obama in Wood Country, Ohio.

Ch3 Nguyen



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