Why do you vote?

Do you vote for revenge?

First, what is revenge?


Noun: The action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for a wrong suffered at their hands.

Verb: Inflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong done to oneself.

At a recent campaign rally in Ohio, Obama said: “Voting is the best revenge.”

That’s right. He urged his supporters to revenge.

Obama wants his supporters to revenge against Romney—his political opponent in this presidential election of 2012.

He views Romney as an enemy. He views Republicans as enemies. That explains why he failed with Republicans in the last 2 years—in his first 2 years, he worked with Congress controlled by Pelosi in the House and by Reid in the Senate to bills passed to his desire. After Republicans won control of the House, he reminded them “I won” and wanted bills continued to be crafted and passed his way. Reagan had to compromise with Tip O’Neill. And Bill Clinton had to work with Newt Gingrich.

Exactly who should be your enemy, Mr. President?

Mr. President, I think your enemy should be Ahmed Abul Khattala and his militants who killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other American officials in Benghazi—not Romney nor Republicans. Go and get them for our revenge on the Americans abandoned by you, Mr. President.

Why do you vote?

I often vote for the ideas or for people with the ideas I believe will be better for this country.

And I often vote against the ideas that I strongly disagree with and believe would be bad for the country.

And that is why I will vote for Romney-Ryan on Nov 6.

Why do you vote?

Ch3 Nguyen


3 comments on “Why do you vote?

    • Pres. Obama has been on the attack of Romney since May, even before Romney officially won the nomination. He’s been much of talking about his own plan. He has definitely not been focusing on what is important for this country. So, why do you vote? And who should you vote for?

  1. Hi Nguyen, Pennsylvania will vote to revenge the last 4 years disaster of Obama’s policy. Thanks for your advice Barry

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