Unanswered questions on Benghazi attack

What we now know what Obama administration knew back on 9/11/2012

We now know these facts about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi:

–the attack was viewed real time by the White House, at State department, at Defense department and at Africom HQ in Germany. This proved the lies told by the administration that they did not know the identities of the attackers.

–there was a Predator drone (UAV) overhead that would have been launch a few hours ahead of the attack. This proved there was reason to believe an UAV was needed a few hours before the attack.

–there were military options for the administration to use in a rescue. Apaches and F-16s were available from north Italy. Special Ops force in south Italy.

But the administration decide to “stand down”, watched the four Americans being killed by the militants and lied afterward in blaming the attack on the anti-Muslim video.

The lies

Trust still matters

Trust still matters

We all knew during the first 2 weeks after the attack, the administration blamed the attack on the anti-Muslim video.

We all knew the administration blamed on the lack of intelligence report—although there were 2 different CIA reports within the first 24 hours and of course the administration monitored the whole event.

We now know, from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised Charles Woods—father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods killed in the attack—that she would bring the video maker to justice at a memorial service on 9/14 knowing fully that the militants responsible for the attack.

Unanswered questions

Why did Obama and his administration decide to “stand down” and not rescue Ambassador Stevens and his officials? Was he afraid that could cause a large scale anti-American protest in Libya and Middle-East? And consequently, voters on the left would be unhappy.

Did the administration believe they would get away with their lies on the attack?

Why would any voters knowing what we know now still trust and vote for Obama? It is now not a matter of competency anymore. It’s a matter of trust—after all, Obama was right in saying “trust matters” in presidential campaign. Why would any voters trust Obama who sacrificed the lives of 4 Americans for his campaign?

Ch3 Nguyen


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