Obama: Let’s get Obsessive!

It has been fun to observe Obama fans and the lefts panic after a poor debate performance by da man himself. Then, of course the latest polls that showed Romney surging and Obama sliding made the panic even more fun to enjoy.

Latest poll numbers

Michigan: has become competitive again. Latest EPIC-MRA poll (10/4-10/6) showed Obama’s lead has been cut from 10% to just a mere 3% over Romney—Obama 48% Romney 45%. More importantly, 56% rated Obama’s job performance as negative (fair/poor) while 43% rated him positive (good/pretty good).

Pennsylvania: is the real surprise. The latest Susquehanna poll (10/4-10/6) showed Obama leading Romney by a small margin 47%-45%. But most encouraging to Romney’s team is his favorable is now at 48% to 42% unfavorable. On the other hand, Obama is now rated as 50% favorable to 47% unfavorable.

Colorado: may be the best news for team Romney. The latest ARG poll (10/5-10/8) showed Romney surged past Obama 50%-46%, a 4% lead comparing to an Obama’s 2% lead a month ago in the same poll. Even better news was Romney winning the women votes in Colorado 51%-45%.

Ohio: Romney is now in front of Obama in the latest ARG poll (10/5-10/8) by a slim margin 48%-47% after trailing him by the same margin a month ago in the same poll. Romney won the 50 and older group by large margin 52%-44%. He also won the independent group 57%-37%.

North Carolina: the latest Gravis Marketing poll (10/6-10/8) showed Romney in front by 9%, leading Obama 50%-41%. Romney led Obama in all age groups—59% to 32% in 65+ and 47% to 45% in 50-64 age group. The split of the participants were also interesting: 42% Democrats, 32% Republicans and 26% Independents.

Voters should not pay much attention to polls. Go out and vote for the best candidate who you can trust to do the job.

Let’s get…Obsessive!

Let's get obsessive!

Let’s get obsessive!

At a recent campaign stop in San Francisco, Obama told his supporters We’re only going to do it if everybody is almost obsessive for the next 29 days

Be as obsessive as Obama was in distorting of Romney’s tax plan? In referring to Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut plan, Obama cited a study by Princeton economist Harvey Rosen. The only problem is…Harvey Rosen recently said Obama “misquoted” his study. Harvey Rosen said “…The main conclusion of my study is that under plausible assumptions, a proposal along the lines suggested by Governor Romney can both be revenue neutral and keep the net tax burden on taxpayers with incomes above $200,000 about the same. That is, an increase in the tax burden on lower and middle income individuals is not required in order to make the overall plan revenue neutral…”

Be as obsessive as Obama’s team was in not using the anti-fraud credit card security to accept foreign donations?

One definition of obsessive from Merriam-Webster: excessive often to an unreasonable degree.This seems to fit Obama’s team.


Ch3 Nguyen


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