Romney versus Obama Debate # 1

What do we want to hear in the first debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?

What don’t we want to hear?

On Economy…


—tell Americans how you can bring America out of this Obama recession. How you can create jobs in America.

—remind Americans again that your tax plan is a 20% reduction for all Americans not just the rich like Obama-Biden have been telling us. Tell us how and when you match these tax cuts with spending cuts.

—tell Americans specifics on how you can bring 47 million dependent on food stamps out of poverty. What you can do to help the so-called 47-percenters to earn enough income to pay tax. Let us hear your commitments to the 100-percenters to bring prosperity back to America.


—skip the job out-source blame game. We Americans already know that we are the reasons why jobs have been out-sourced. Back in the early 1980s, we Americans switched to buying cheap, low quality “Made in China” products instead of the better “Made in USA” products that were higher priced. If it’s normal behavior for consumers to prefer cheaper products, then it’s normal behavior for investors/capitalists to lower the cost of products. Hence, the jobs were out-sourced to China for cheaper labor costs. Supplies will meet demands. Don’t blame Bain. Don’t blame Romney.

 —skip the tax propaganda. We know that even if you get to raise taxes on your so-called “rich” making over $250,000 you only bring in an addition of $89 billion a year. This is just a drop in your over trillion annual deficit. When was the last time that your budget received at least one “yes” vote by anyone Democrats in Congress? It has not happened. Cut federal spending. Don’t blame Congress. Don’t blame Republicans.

—skip the blame game. You’ve had 4 years enough time to do wonders for the economy. You had full control of both the House and the Senate from 2009-2010, enough powers to do wonders for job growths. Yet, the economy is in another recession after the Bush recession ended in June 2009. Unemployment rate has remained over 8% for over 43 months. Since you came to the White House, the number of welfare recipients increased from 32 to 47 million (almost 50% increase). Your economic policies have failed. Tell us if you have any new plans. Don’t blame Bush. Don’t blame Bush.

On Health Care…


—tell Americans how much of ObamaCare you are willing to defund.

—tell Americans how you can help states with their own health plans.


—skip the bragging. We Americans still don’t like ObamaCare which survived SCOTUS by being defined as a tax. A recent Rasmussen reports poll (on 9/30) showed 52% of Americans still want ObamaCare repealed.

—tell us honestly how much of Medicare you will cut to fund ObamaCare. We know over $700 billion is your plan but let us hear from you.

Ch3 Nguyen


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