“We have the power to protect our nation!”

Anti-China protesters marched on the streets of Tokyo

Anti-China Protest in Tokyo (Photo: AP)

Hundreds of Japanese took it to the streets of downtown Tokyo protesting against China’s claims of Senkaku islands.

The protest was loud but tightly controlled per a report from AP.

They marched toward Chinese Embassy and small groups of five people were allowed to visit the sidewalk opposite the embassy. Angry screams of “Come on out of there!” were directed toward closed and well-guarded embassy.

Among the slogans that were shouted out loud via megaphones:

—“We will not forgive China!

—“We have the power to protect our nation!

And on placards/banners:

—“Sink the Chinese boats in our waters

—“Do not give in to the Beijing terrorists

Beef up the control over Senkaku

No attacks on Chinese businesses

The dispute between China and Japan has triggered violent protests in China the last few weeks (click here for more).

No violence from Tokyo march just angry from the hundreds of protesters.

The Chinese claims over the islands are recent and this is plain stupidity,” said Masanori Ono, one of an estimated 800 protesters in the march.

Vietnamese have said quite the same about China’s claims on Spratly and Paracels Islands since oil was discovered in the area. Click here to see China’s 1904 map with no indication of these islands.

China’s aggression is nothing new. History has proven it. As China becomes stronger, it will flex its muscles. Vietnam will attest to this. So will Korea, Tibet, and more recently Philippines.

How can a John Doe stop China’s aggression?

Stop buying cheap “Made in China” products. Buying more “Made in USA” products. As demands grow higher, supplies will need to match. This will bring more jobs back to the US.

Yamada Taro should do the same.

So should Nguyen van A and Juan dela Cruz—all “John Doe” of the world.


Ch3 Nguyen




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