The bully in Asia—China

China hiding behind fishing boats…again

Chinese protesters burn a Japanese flag in Henan province (Photo: AFP)

From an article from Telegraph, China sent around 1,000 fishing boats to an island chain controlled by Japan. Senkaku islands have been disputed between the 2 countries for some decades. And the spat intensified when Japan announced the purchase of some islands for the country from a private Japanese family.

Beijing, of course, was not happy!

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of Chinese took to the streets in more than 50 cities to protest against Japan. Unlike peaceful protests against China’s claim on the Vietnam’s East Sea in Hanoi/Ho chi Minh city, these Chinese violently overturned Japanese cars. They burned Japan’s flag.

This is not the first time China sent its fishing boats to the sea area of other countries that China claims its own. Not too long ago, China sent hundreds of fishing boats to sea area surrounding Vietnam’s Spratly islands amid its claim of sovereignty.

Japanese companies closing factories in China

Panasonic, Canon, Honda, Mazda and Toyota were among Japanese companies announcing their plan to shut factories in China fearing the protests could grow uglier—especially on the eve of 9/18, the anniversary of a 1931 Japanese invasion of China.

China threatened sanctions on Japan. “Japan’s economy will suffer severely if China were to impose sanctions on it. China’s loss would be relatively less,” said Jin Baisong, an analyst for China’s ministry of Commerce.

Let us look at some numbers…

—in 2011, Japan’s exports to China totaled 12.9 trillion yens while Japan’s imports from China totaled 14.6 trillion yens. Now, it seems to me that if Japanese would stop using “Made in China” and using “Made in Japan” products, China probably hurts more.

—in 2011, 3.6 million Japanese tourists visited China while 1 million Chinese tourists came to Japan. Again, perhaps Japanese should stay home. I am sure my California can entertain most of these 3.6 million Japanese. (We need your spending money as well)

This is not the first time China threatened to use economic power to hurt other countries. China used the same threats to Philippines and Vietnam in its disputes with these 2 countries.

Let us look at some real important numbers…

 Before it’s too late…

Before China uses the same threats with the US…

Let us look at some real important numbers…

—in 2011, US exports to China totaled 103.9 billion dollars, but US imports from China totaled 399.3 billion dollars, an imbalance of 295.5 billion in China’s favor

—China owns about $1.2 trillion (8%) of the US debts mostly thanks to our support of China’s economy by buying its products

Isn’t time to stop buying “Made in China” and start buying more “Made in USA” products.

I know it’s not easy to find “Made in USA” products nowadays. Well, when we can’t find “Made in USA”, let us support our allies—“Made in Japan”, “Made in Canada”, “Made in Philippines” and soon-to-be-back-to-US-ally “Made in Vietnam”.

All for stopping the bully acts by China.

All for stopping the arrogance/aggression by/from China.


Ch3 Nguyen


2 comments on “The bully in Asia—China

  1. I’m completely with you on that (well, as much as I can be not being American). I’m currently living in China (it’s a long story), but as soon as my wife and I get outta here, it’s locally-made products all the way. China is quite the aggressor and likes to thumb their nose at any international agreements, negotiation or policy, so my wife and I for one (or should that be for two?), will not be supporting this economy as soon as we can get make our escape. We’ll be buying locally-made products wherever we are, or those made elsewhere.

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