Another bad week for Obama administration

“…just spend the money…”

When asked to justify for $20 million purchase of firewood in Afghanistan, part of response from Sopko—special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction—was “…we just spend the money.”

This kind of reminding the airplane fees for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta—he paid $17,000 for the 27 personal trips between Washington DC and California coast while taxpayer paid about $850,000.

And of course how can I not remember Solyndra and $500 billion that Obama rushed to spend to promote his alternative energy policy.

His policy of “…just spend the money…” is failing this country. After over $5 trillion and he’s still had nothing to show for except for his blames on the economy inherited from Bush.

While anti-American protests spread over 20 countries beyond Middle East…

—Egypt: started with the attack on the US Embassy

—Libya: US Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed while the US consulate was attacked and burned down. One must ask why Ambassador Stevens only had 2 Navy SEAL guards while Obama’s campaign deputy manager Stephanie Cutter has been in protection of more than 2 secret service agents.

—Yemen, Tunisia, and Sudan: US Embassies are under attack

In all, anti-American protests spread to over 20 countries. Americans are being attacked.

All of these protests have been over a movie made by a person living in the US. Actually, the movie is being used as an excuse to protest against America. Obama’s foreign policy of “apologizing” has not worked. They still hate us.

President Obama has been busy partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z

And life has continued as usual for President Obama.

He continued his campaigning in Nevada, Colorado and partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z at a New York club.

He made his opinion on Egypt clear in an interview with Telemundo—he would not consider Egypt an ally but “but we don’t consider them an enemy.

Philippines would worry. Taiwan would worry. Japan. Australia. China would enjoy another term of Obama so they can take over the seas surrounding its country, including the parts that are owned by Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Ch3 Nguyen


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