Let the blame game begin!

The blame game

Obama: Blame the right!

Obama: Blame the right!

The blame game is nothing new from Obama, his administration and the Democrats in his first term. One can expect to hear lot of blames next week in the Democrat National Convention (Charlotte-NC).

—“…our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes…” explained Obama in Feb 2012 on why he hadn’t been able to implement changes in Washington D.C. that he promised in 2008. “Duh!” is all one should say here. Obama is exactly why our Founding Fathers designed such a system to protect this country from.

—In September 2011, Senator Reid (NV) blamed the tax cuts for the rich by Bush administration for $3 trillion in deficit. Obama’s tax plan to let Bush tax cuts expired for those earning more than $250,000 is estimated to bring additional $80 billion in tax revenue year. And yet, Senator Reid blamed $3 trillion deficit after the tax cut had been in effect for 8 years. One must ask…how Senator Reid passed high-school math. (I have a reliable source from Basic High School in Henderson saying he did not pass math in any of his high school years.) One must also be reminded that Senator Reid voted for the tax cut in 2001, 2003 and its extension that Obama signed in 2010.

—Democrats will talk about the “cost” of Bush tax cuts to the rich. One must realize that the government does not “pay” for your tax cut—they just don’t collect your money as much. On the other hand, the government actually pays for spending, all $3.8 trillion for 2012, $3.6 trillion in 2011, $3.5 trillion in 2010, and $3.5 trillion in 2009.

—Obama will tell people to place blames on the Republicans in Congress (elected by the people in 2010) for slow economy growth and high unemployment rate instead of his policies. What he’s failed to recognize is that all presidents would need to learn working with oppositions. President Reagan worked with Tip O’Neill to get things done. Bill Clinton had to work with Newt Gingrich. There is no excuse for Obama’s inability to work with John Boehner the last two years even after getting his ways with Nancy Pelosi in 2009-2010. Tip O’Neill was no more co-operative to President Reagan than John Boehner to Obama. So, stop the whining. Obama will also hope you not knowing that his 2013 budget was voted down 414-0 (by both Senate and the House). Not one, not even one Democrat, voted for his budget. One must wonder where the leadership from the White House is.

—As a reminder to the 23 million who are either unemployed or underemployed, President Obama will blame Congress for not passing his jobs bill in September 2011. What he will not tell you is that Harry Reid blocked the jobs bill from being voted in the Senate at first. Perhaps, Reid knew that this bill was just submitted for political purpose few months before election year of 2012 and that it had no real chance of being passed.

Nancy Pelosi confirmed that the blames would stop when “the problems go away” in an interview with MSNBC. Mean while, one must ask if President Obama and his Democrats will offer any solution to make “the problems go away”.

No apology for success—what I took from Republican convention

On the other hand, besides the promises from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Romney-Ryan’s 5-steps plan, personal stories about Romney, what stuck most to my mind from last week’s Republican convention was “making no apology for success”.

Sure, we heard Chris Christie wanting to leave our children “a second American Century”—the alternative, Chinese century, is simply unacceptable—by asking us to stand with Romney-Ryan. And Condoleezza Rice questioned Obama on “Where does America stand?” currently in foreign policies from Iran, Syria to Asia-Pacific region. And many speakers reminded us of Obama’s failed policies and running up the deficit by over $5 trillion without any good economic record to show for, except 8.3% unemployment.

But the main ideology is no need to apologize for your success. “We have not believed that I am doing poorly because you are doing well,” argued Condoleezza Rice. After all, without the motivation of personal successes, then what differentiate America from communist countries like Cuba or North Korea? (I don’t consider China a communist country any longer as people are now allowed to strive for personal capital gains)   


 Ch3 Nguyen


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