Romney is on the rise

Obama to pressure Euro not to let Greece fall out of Eurozone

Obama-Biden thinking about their futures

Obama-Biden thinking about their futures

Speculation is that Obama administration to pressure Euro to keep Greece in Eurozone—at least until after the November election. (Read here for details)

Eurozone finance ministers to meet on Oct 8 to decide whether to keep Greece’s €31bn bailout package. If Greece is to be kicked out of Eurozone, then there may be destabilization in financial market just weeks before November election—something that may doom Obama’s chance of reelection.

Obama-Biden team is getting desperate. Why?

Seniors aren’t scared of Paul Ryan!

Minutes after Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as the next Vice President of the US, the Democrats led by Obama-Biden jumped on Ryan’s Medicare proposal trying to scare seniors into voting for them.

Romney-Ryan wanting to change America

Romney-Ryan wanting to change America

Well…Americans—especially seniors—are much smarter than Obama-Biden expected.

 According to a recent poll from Washington Post/ABC News—the 2 media as far to the left as any can be—Paul Ryan has a favorable rating, 41% versus 37%. More importantly, among seniors, Ryan has a 50% favorable rating while only 35% viewed him as unfavorable.

Seniors showed they were smart not to be scared of Obama-Biden’s smear. They knew who cared about Medicare—obviously, not Obama-Biden who cuts 716 billion off Medicare to fund the 52-%-wanting-to-repeal ObamaCare.

Who really cares about Medicare? (Read here for more details)

Romney-Ryan: want to reform Medicare that will go broke in 2024 for people who are currently under 55. For those seniors above 55, they can keep the current Medicare.

Obama-Biden: cut $716 billion to fund ObamaCare while 52% of people still want to repeal it. The worse is that…they will cut more.

On the eve of the GOP convention, Romney has inched closer to Obama in major swing states

Romney has done a little better in poll numbers in several important swing states.

Missouri: recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll showed Romney still leads Obama 50%-42% even with Obama-Biden’s efforts to pin Atkin’s legitimate rape comments on Romney-Ryan and the GOP. What is Romney’s opinion? “I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother.”—Romney was quoted by Boston Globe in 2005.

Ohio: a recent Purple Strategies poll showed Romney-Ryan leading Obama-Biden 46%-44%—after Obama led 48%-45% in the same poll last month. This poll also showed 46% of people believed Romney-Ryan would bring real change to DC while 43% for Obama-Biden—whatever happened to the promise of ‘Change’ in 2008?

Florida: a recent Rasmussen poll showed Romney-Ryan in front of Obama-Biden 45%-43%, relatively unchanged from last month. This is significant since the Sunshine state has 22% of the voters 65+ age group and 37% are in the 45-64 group—based on 2008 election data. Obama-Biden has failed in smearing Ryan’s Medicare plan

Virginia: A recent Purple Strategies poll had Virginia swinging to Romney-Ryan’s direction—48%-45%. A month ago, Obama-Biden led Romney 46%-44%. And 38% of the voters are in the 45-64 age group while 11% in the 65+ group. The poll also showed 47% believed Romney-Ryan would bring real change to Washington DC while 40% still believing in Obama-Biden’s delivery of “Change”.

Michigan: has not gone “Red” in presidential election since 1988. However, this year’s race is much closer than Obama’s 16% margin victory in 2008. A recent FMW poll actually showed Romney-Ryan leading Obama-Biden by a 4% margin, 48%-44%. The poll also showed 48% supported Ryan’s federal budget plan—including major changes in Medicare and Social Security—while 45% opposing it.

Wisconsin: a recent poll from CBS/New York Time—two left wing media—showed Obama-Biden’s lead reduced to 2% from 6% two weeks earlier. Romney-Ryan now only trail 47%-49%.  On economy, 49% believed in Romney-Ryan team while 43% still believing in Obama-Biden. And only 44% were favorable toward Ryan while 35% favoring Biden as Vice-President. Paul Ryan has been an important factor to swing Wisconsin closer to Romney. However, with economy still being the most important issue (54%), Romney-Ryan team needed to swing the discussion back to how they can change this going-no-where economy.

Romney has momentum

And he needs to propel even higher.

Obama has spent over $120 million in negative ads to try defining a Romney that would scare voters into voting for Obama. Obama-Biden team has proven that they would to any low level one can imagine to continue with their negative ads—including the famous “Joe Septic” ad falsely linking Romney to a woman death (read here for more details from CNN).

Romney-Ryan will need to deliver the messages on their changes in economy at the GOP convention.

What differences that they will make to bring more jobs to the 12.8 million unemployed.  

They need to tell the 52% of Americans still wanting to repeal ObamaCare on how they can change health care in America.

They need to unite the people who have been divided by Obama. They need to show that their tax plan not only benefiting the top 10% but also the whole 100% in term that it will create more jobs.

They need to tell us how tough they can battle China’s aggression in the Asia-Pacific region—where China has been bullying its way to claim the entire East Sea-West Sea-South China Sea as its own territory—as well as how they will deal with China’s manipulation of the Yuan and violations of patent rights.

 Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, tell us how you can remove the chains that Obama and Biden have been trying to put on Americans with their expansion of government powers while reducing the people’s freedom.

Ch3 Nguyen

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