Paul Ryan is picked by Mitt Romney

The choice has been made…


The Comeback Team 2012

The Comeback Team 2012

And there is no better candidate for than Paul Ryan for the GOP ticket in this year’s election.

 The selection of the young and intelligent Congressman from Wisconsin who has battled the White House and Obama-Biden for the last few years the issues of over-spending taxpayers’ money will definitely make this election about the future of this country.

On one hand, you have Obama-Biden who will spend, spend and spend to expand the government. It has not worked after over $5 trillion of new national debts that they stacked on. Ask the 12.8 million who are still without job. Ask the millions of young college graduates who have settled for part-time jobs living in their parents’ basements. Ask millions of homeowners whose homes are still foreclosed even after billions pumped into “programs” to supposedly help them. Ask yourself…are you better off now? Will you be better with 4 more years of Obama-Biden?

 The other choice is clear. Romney-Ryan will get unnecessary government regulations off the ways for the private industry to create jobs. They will cut individual taxes 20% for all brackets. They will lower the corporate taxes to 25%. They will reform Medicare—a must for a system that is so wasteful to support the aging population. They want to cap federal government spending at 20% of GDP.

Prosperity can’t come back with over spending

Look at France. France has not had a balanced budget in 1974.

President Hollande, who won the election on anti-austerity, now has to cut social program spending. He softens critics by his tax increases—including the 75% tax on the rich. But a recent poll showed 56% of the people believe the new tax burdens will mostly fall on the middle class. Many of the rich have threatened to leave the country. Hollande promised 64,000 new education jobs during his campaign. Now, his administration said for each new education job, there will be a cut of government job elsewhere. Next, the government may need to cut from France’s health system, pensions and family benefits.

Ahead of the final revised budget, France finance minister, Pierre Moscovici has lowered economic growths from 1.7% in 2013 to a mere 1%-1.3%.

The choice is clear…

Obama-Biden promised changes and hopes in 2008. They have delivered more partisan bickering in Washington than ever. They have delivered 8.3% unemployment rate and tried to convince people that is the new “normal”. They have delivered ObamaCare and tried to claim that is needed for Americans—where a projected of additional millions of people like you and me may be without care. They have delivered over $5 trillion of debts and tried to blame on the Bush’s recession which ended in June 2009. They have delivered a more divided nation than ever and now promise an increase taxes for the rich which amount to a drop in their annual deficit.

The choice is clear…continue over-spending and 8.x% unemployment with Obama-Biden.

Or…reform, cut government wastes, promote economic growth, job growths in private sectors with Romney-Ryan.

Make your choice intelligently before it’s too late, before China showing up at the front doors of the White House with ‘IOU’ demanding payments or ‘favors’.

Ch3 Nguyen


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