Handicapped woman beaten by 10-year-old boy and friends

Boy is turned in by mom

On Monday, 8/6, a 10-year-old boy and his 2 younger friends broke into Minh Tran’s house and beat her up with sticks, rocks, potted plant and a plunger.

And it was for a mere $20.

He was later turned in by his mother. The other under-10 boys will not be prosecuted due to their age.

(Please read here for more details)

Where were the parents?

The 10-year-old—living 1 block away from Tran—had been routinely harassing her. He chased and confronted her. He often called her “fat and dumb”.

Captain John Gallagher of Philadelphia Police said “To have such a young offender committing such a violent crime – it’s almost a shock to my system

Where were the parents before? What have his parents done to prevent this from re-occurring? Obviously, they did nothing. Were they so helpless in controlling a 10-year-old boy? One may commend her for calling police to turn her son in, but she had no choice at that time—other neighbors would turn him in.

Were children being neglected by their parents more now than before?

Were violence in video games, TV shows and movies to be blamed for the violence we are seeing in younger children nowadays?

Obviously, lack of discipline at home—the good old time discipline—is part of the problem. Are parents too afraid to discipline their children in fear of being charged with abuse?

Wake up, people, before it’s too late. These children are the future of this country.

Ch3 Nguyen


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