Westminster Jewelry Shop Shooting

The good guy won this time

Asian Garden Mall - Little Saigon (Photo: LA Times)

Asian Garden Mall – Little Saigon (Photo: LA Times)

A robber is in critical condition Monday afternoon after his attempt to rob a jewelry store—Tik Tok—in Asian Garden Mall, Westminster-California failed. The shop owner—from the back of the store, armed himself with his own gun—came out to the front and warned the robber to drop his weapon.  After he did not comply, the owner shot him (Harold Eugene Walker) in the head. One other robber was detained.

(For more details, read here)

Asian Garden Mall is in an area known as Little Saigon—many Vietnamese living in the area came to the states after the fall of Vietnam in 1975. The mall contains many small jewelry shops, clothing boutiques, barbers and a food court. Most shop owners are your typical hard working people who saved money to open shops—and yes, most of them built their own business.

In this shooting, the good guy won. He defended his business, his property and most of all his right to bear arms. Second Amendment works in this case!

After Aurora, we need a story like this

The radical lefties have been running wild calling for tougher gun controls.

We need a story like this to remind us that guns don’t kill innocent people.

People—crazy people—kill innocent people.

Have you, since the Aurora shooting, wondered what would happen if there was someone among the movie watchers with a gun—that would save taxpayers thousands of dollars and bring justice for those 12 victims.


Ch3 Nguyen


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