Anaheim unrest: the good, the bad and the ugly!

The latest police-involved shootings that caused 2 deaths—Manuel Diaz and Joel Mathew Acevedo—have pushed the city of Anaheim to a boiling point. On Tuesday night, 7/24/2012, 24 were arrested and 6 were injured in a clash between an estimated 1,000 protesters and 200 cops. Bottles, rocks, and bricks were thrown at police. Pepper balls and non-lethal rounds were fired at the crowd of protesters. Lootings were reported.

The good

—Yolanda Delgado (68) saw a group of looters smashing window of a T-shirt shop and yelled at them to stop.

—Eric Rios, one of the protesters, witnessed the looting and decided to go home. “At first, it was OK, because we were protesting. But then when they started with all that stuff, I felt bad,” he said. His parents should be proud.

—Dave Lieberman attended the protest at City Hall. He left when the crowd got violent. On the morning after, he came back, broom in hands, and helped to clean up. Outside the looted T-Shirt store, he said “This is a small business here. (Protesters) are sinking to a lower level.”

—”I understand protesting and fighting and speaking out your voice, but vandalism is not the way,” said Yolanda Navarro. She organized a group of friends to clean up after the protest.

 Anaheim can use thousands of Yolanda Delgado, Yolanda Navarro, Eric Rios, Dave Lieberman and many more unknowns who helped keeping the image of the city.

The bad

—protesters who threw rocks, bricks, bottles at the police. Once the protest turned into non-peaceful, how can police not use force against the protesters?

—looters who stole about $20,000 worth of jeans from the T-Shirts Outlet. One of the looters even got in a scuffle with Yolanda Delgado when she tried to stop them.

The ugly

—the cop-involved shooting: while waiting for results of the investigation, I have to put the shooting of Manuel Diaz in the ugly section. Cops who shot him believed he tried to draw his gun as he reached for his waistband. No weapon has been found yet. His family accused the cops of executing him by shooting in the head while he was down after being shot in the leg. UGLY!

—the sympathy protests in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Des Moines, and Chicago: needless to say, these are ridiculous and not worth much in helping the situation. If anything, these remind me of the “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” moment.


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