Polls: Most People Blame Obama for bad Economy

Obama has been running away from economy…

President Obama has been trying to campaign mostly away from the economy.

He started the class warfare, telling everyone that the rich have not been paying their fair shares of taxes—ignorant of the fact that the top 1% paid an average rate of 24% and contributed 36.7% of total tax collected versus rate of 1.8% and contribution of 2.3% from the bottom 50%. Fair? (Please click here for more 2009 IRS data)

He started the Bain attacks—pinning Romney and Bain for “outsource”—on Romney and even accused Romney of criminal act in SEC filings. Both Washington Post and Factcheck.org believed Obama tried to mislead voters on the Bain attacks


—unemployment rate: 8.2%, i.e. 12,749,000 unemployed

—real unemployment rate: 14.9%, if those who have given up looking for jobs or have taken part-time jobs in lieu of full-time position are included

—report of manufacturing numbers in the nation suggested a slowdown in June 2012

Voters are not fooled by Obama

From a latest poll for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research:

—66% of voters blame lack of job growth and slow economy growth on bad policy: President Obama is good in politics but bad in policies

—34% of voters believe Obama is to blame for lack of job growth and slow economy growth

—53% of voters believe Obama has taken wrong actions and has slowed economy down: many economists believed the Bush recession ended in June 2009 and many (including former President Clinton) believe we are still in recession, i.e. Obama recession

On a separate USA Today/Gallup poll:

—63% of voters believe Romney is better in handling of economy with his background in business, including his time at Bain Capital, would cause him to make better decisions: this is in line with the belief from former President Clinton who praised Mitt Romney: “The man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.” (29% still believe Obama is better)

—61% of voters believe Obama administration try to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses: this is a rejection of the socialism and big nanny state that Obama has been trying to put in place

Bain attacks did not work!

Bain attacks did not work!


Ch3 Nguyen


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