“The Dark Knight Rises” Midnight Shooting

Senseless shooting may spark gun control debates 

At midnight of 07/19/2012, during the preview of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie, 24-year-old James Holmes opened fire on the crowd of hundreds of Batman fans.

The result is tragic—12 deaths and 59 injured.

Movie-watchers were surprise and then shocked—some at first thought the gun sounds were coming from the movie.  

Needless to say, the pre-meditated shooting was senseless. As a parent, I was angry at the shooter for taking 14 innocent lives—some of them are children.

And as with many, I asked myself why? What caused him to plan such a stupid actions? Could they be prevented?

Whom or what to blame?

While no motives have been known yet, will this shooting spark gun law debate across the nation as gun opponents may quickly blame the shooting on lack of tighter gun-control laws? Gun owners will argue they have the right to own guns—as protected by the Second Amendment.

But if one chooses to blame on gun-control laws, then one should also blame on the increased violence in movies, video games, TV shows, etc. Should we need regulations to control Hollywood and the media too?

Or one may choose to blame the parenting in today’s world—or lack of parenting. After all, parents should be able to tell if the violent movies/games/shows are suitable for their child.

But then why should we stop there?

Neighbor said smart James Holmes seemed frustrated after he earned his undergraduate degree in neuroscience and found no job—other than a job at McDonald. Should one blame President Obama for his inability to get this economy going to provide jobs for the young people—16.8% of the group is unemployed?

(Be very careful if you make the above blame as President Obama would quickly blame former President Bush for leaving him such a bad economy—worse than he estimated in 2009)

So what to blame?

Washington Post wants to ban sales of assault rifles—as they are not used for hunting or self-defense.

This, however, will not stop senseless shootings. It may just reduce the number of deaths in the shooting, if at all.

(Without guns, a mentally ill person is as dangerous with a car—he/she can easily drive a car through a crowd at a fair ground, for example, and kill as many people, if not more)

Whom to blame?

Not the Hollywood movie producers whose violent movies get bloodier every year.

Not the Batman comic book writer(s)—you are still free not to read them.

Not the video game makers—no one forces you to play them.

No one is to blame, except James Holmes—the intelligent, quiet loner as remembered by his friends and neighbors.


Ch3 Nguyen


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