Tight Presidential Race—bad news for Obama

Bain attacks did not work!

After all the Bain attacks, the accusation of job outsourcing, the name calling…it seems the voters did not care much of what Obama has been throwing at Romney.

A latest CBS News-NY Times poll—from 7/11 to 7/16—of registered voters shows Romney leading Obama by a slim margin 47%-46% nationwide.

Important numbers

—73% say Romney’s wealth will not be a factor…Obama’s talk about Romney’s wealth was a waste

—60% say Romney’s time at Bain will not make a difference…Obama’s accusation of outsourcing at Bain was simply foolish

—70% say economy is in bad shape…Obama can try to run away from the issue of economy but voters will not let him

—47% favor Romney in tax policy (42% for Obama)…Obama’s class warfare has not fooled voters

—40% are concerned that someone in their household may lose their job…unemployment rate still matters

—49% believe Romney is better to handle economy and jobs (41% for Obama)…Perhaps, voters believe Bill Clinton’s praise of Romney’s career at Bain and look past all the blames/excuses from Obama

—46% think Romney is better in illegal immigration (38% for Obama)…Perhaps, Obama’s executive order for the Dream Act was viewed as an desperate act on his part

—58% believe Obama has not delivered change; 7% believe Obama has delivered bad change for the country…”Hope for Change” has disappointed voters

Mr. President, back to praying….

Obama Praying for Votes!


Ch3 Nguyen


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