Romney’s VP

Christian/Conservatives Warn Romney on Condoleezza Rice pick

Dream Team 2012?

Dream Team 2012?

From an article (on, some conservatives raised their concerns that a pick of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would be a disaster to the Romney ticket.

What is the reason for their concerns?

Although Rice opposes late-term abortion and favors parental consent, she is mildly pro-choice.

(This happens to be my position on abortion as well).

Fox News host and former Arkansas Governor—Mike Huckabee—said “They’d sit on their hands. Absolutely they will.”


(For whatever respect I’ve had of Governor Huckabee, I’ve lost most of it after I heard this statement)

Sit on their hands?

And do absolutely nothing?

Isn’t that just like letting Obama to win another term—and ruin this country even worse?

If they sit on their hands, can they look at themselves in the mirror for the next four years—as the man/woman in their mirror is as guilty of ruining this great nation as the man in the oval office?

If they sit on their hands, can they consider themselves patriotic any longer?

Not voting is even worse than voting for the wrong candidate—i.e. a conservative who will not vote is even worse than one who votes for Obama.

No matter whomever the VP choice is…

Whether the choice may be Condoleezza Rice, Bobby Jindal, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, or Chris Christie, we can rest assured the Republican VP choice is much better than the “I-never-have-had-a-real-job”, “Hillary-Clinton-is-more-qualified-than-me-to-be-VP”, “Taliban-per-se-is-not-our-enemy”, “You-cannot-go-to-a-7-Eleven- or-a-Dunkin’-Donuts-unless-you-have-a-slight-Indian-accent” Joe Biden.

My picks

If my wish can be granted, the VP choice would be (in order of preference):

—Condoleezza Rice

—Marco Rubio

—Bobby Jindal

—Rob Portman

—Tim Pawlenty

—Paul Ryan

—Kelly Ayotte

—Chris Christie


Ch3 Nguyen


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