Desperate act by Barack Obama

The accusations

(from Washington Post)

“Romney and Bain claim that he was not involved with Bain, but Bain and its portfolio companies in their required filings under the Securities Exchange Act continuously certified to the Securities and Exchange Commission say precisely the opposite — asserting without qualification that he was a controlling person, fully in charge of Bain, under the Federal securities law. Under normal circumstances, the question of the truth of this representation would result in an investigation by the SEC into possible criminal, as well as civil, violations of the law.”

— Robert Bauer, Obama campaign counsel, July 13, 2012

(from AP)

“Ultimately, I think, Mr. Romney is going to have to answer those questions because if he aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is you’re ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations,” President Obama said in an interview with WJLA-TV in Virginia as he campaigned across the battleground state.


Washington Post checked on facts and awarded the Obama’s camp a 3 Pinocchios mostly for trying to mislead people about potential violations in relative unimportant SEC documents. also had the same conclusion.

Desperate act to run away from Obama’s record

Obama Praying for Votes!

Obama’s campaign is trying to pin Romney to Bain after he left in Feb 1999 to prove that his ads accusing Romney to outsource jobs were true and accurate—the ads were not since most outsourced jobs by Bain occurred after Romney left.

Why? Obama is trying to distract voters and run away from his record. He is distracting voters away from economy and jobs due to recent numbers:

—unemployment rate: 8.2%, i.e. 12,749,000 unemployed

—real unemployment rate: 14.9%, if those who have given up looking for jobs or have taken part-time jobs in lieu of full-time position are included

—over 45 million depending on food stamps (SNAP), i.e. 15% of total population

—report of manufacturing numbers in the nation suggested a slowdown in June 2012

Someone should check into California law

While Obama’s team is trying to dig up dirt from unimportant SEC documents from Bain, perhaps someone should check into California law to determine what crime was committed by Barack Obama with his Marijuana smoking.


Ch3 Nguyen


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