California’s TRUST Act—aka Anti-Arizona Act

1)     Leave it to the CA’s law makers to make stupid laws

 Why CA is in the mess it’s in now begins with the people in Sacramento—from the governor down to each of the 40 state senators and 80 state representatives.

 The TRUST Act overrides the federal Secure Communities program allowing local cops to contact ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when they come in contact with illegal immigrants.

 Quote from the AB 1081:

This bill would prohibit a law enforcement official, as defined, from detaining an individual on the basis of a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold after that individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody, unless the local agency adopts a plan that meets certain requirements prior to or after compliance with the immigration hold, and, at the time that the individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody, certain conditions are met.

 This bill is also known as Anti-Arizona Act—i.e. to do the reverse of the SB 1070 bill passed in AZ.

2)     Will Obama sue California?

Expect Obama to send flowers to Jerry Brown right after he signs this bill into law.

3)     AZ should skip ICE

Jan Brewer and Arizona should skip calling ICE to hand over any illegal immigrants for deportation.

Jan Brewer should bus these illegal immigrants straight to the California State Capitol Building in Sacramento—located at 1400 Tenth St., Sacramento, CA, 95814.

Ch3 Nguyen


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