More Endorsements for Romney

1)     After Clinton, now New York Mayor Bloomberg  


Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

We all know about Clinton’s endorsement of Romney’s business career—click here for details.

 Today, The New York Times reported that Mayor Michael Bloomberg (New York) said that he believed Mr. Romney would probably be better at running the country than Mr. Obama, according to two guests.

This endorsement may not help Romney with picking up New York where he trailed Obama more than 20% in latest poll. However, it would not hurt. Both Romney and Obama have been courting Bloomberg’s endorsement. Obama even offered him a post to run the World Bank which Bloomberg declined.

2)     Sen. Joe Manchin will skip the Democratic Convention  

Not so long ago, the Democrats and left-wing media were pulling for a Republican broker convention in Tampa Bay—a circus like convention that would do wonder for Obama.

Now, it’s the Democratic Convention in North Carolina that is shaping to be interesting convention to watch.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced today that he would skip the convention. Joining him will be 2 other Democrats in West Virginia—Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Representative Nick Rahall.

Senator Manchin is running his own re-election this year. He’s announced earlier that he’s not sure he would vote for Obama. Of course, a Democrat Senator running for re-election and afraid of supporting the incumbent Democrat president…is the same with an endorsement for the Republican candidate—Mitt Romney.

Will a switch to Republican Party his next announcement—after he wins the re-election of course.

Stay tune…there may be other Democrats who are running for election may want to choose to be distant from the incumbent president.

updated on 6/19/2012: as I predicted, we learned today that PA Representative Mark Critz who is running for re-election will not be at the Democrat convention to crown Obama as Democrat candidate—as reported by Shira Toeplitz of Roll Call. Stay tune for more….

3)     SCOTUS, SB 1070 and ObamaCare

Today, the Supreme Court did not announce its decision on ObamaCare.

All eyes—and ears—are on the SCOTUS.

To be announced are 2 very important decisions on whether ObamaCare will be struck as unconstitutional—partially or wholly—and the SB 1070 will be upheld as legal.

ObamaCare is Obama’s legacy. He sacrificed the economy and employment for it. Instead of working on the most important issue—economy and jobs—in 2009-2010 when he controlled both houses of Congress, he chose to work on ObamaCare only. Of course, now, he blamed Congress for not passing jobs bill—i.e. a second stimulus package—that he wanted.

SB 1070 is the controversial law in AZ that allows policemen asking for immigration paper from anyone who was stopped for any reasons.

Next Monday—02/25/2012—may be the day for these big announcements.

Ch3 Nguyen


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