The private sector is doing fine!

1)    The private sector is doing fine  

Obama (Photo: AP)

 “The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government,” Obama argued in trying to get Congress passing his jobs bill that provide funds to the state and local government to hire more government workers.

Really, Mr. President?

What America does not need is more stimulus money from Federal to state and local government. What America does not need is more stimulus money from Federal, period.

Take Los Angeles as an example. In 2010, the city used $111 million of stimulus money to product 55 jobs—i.e. one job for every $2,018,181 in tax money. Its mayor is Mr. Villaraigosa who will chair your Democratic National Convention this summer. I am sure he will be able to fill you in with more details.

More examples:

—North California public schools received $4.4 million to hire math coaches for teachers. 64 jobs created ($70K each) to hire people to teach teachers how to teach.

—University of California, San Francisco received $1.1 million to study erectile dysfunction of overweight, middle-aged men and the accurate reporting of sexual history. Not sure how many jobs were created.

—$50 million were spent on buying fish food for companies that raised tropical fish, shellfish, alligator and turtles. Not sure how many jobs were created.

—Two universities in AZ received $1 million dollars to have 3 graduate students to study how ants work, i.e. over $300,000 a job.

We can go on and on.

The point is tax money spent by government will not efficiently create jobs. Americans, our government (any government) will not spend money efficiently. Look at what Obama administration did with our $500 million of tax money by investing in Solyndra. The company folded in less than 2 years after receiving the loan—2,000 out of work.

2)     Why does Obama want to create more government jobs?  

Most of the government jobs are union jobs.

In 2008 election, unions donated $206.7 million to Obama and other Democrats.

It’s quite simple to understand why Obama’s jobs bill was about providing federal aids to state and local government to create jobs.

Saying “The private sector is doing fine” also shows that the President is neither in touch with the economy nor the long unemployment lines.

Economy has not been his strong suit—probably flunked Econ 101, and that’s why he hid his transcript.

Foreign policy has not been his strong suit—dumping Israel as a friend of the US.

Energy policy has not been his strong suit—need to inflate your tires, people.

Budgeting has definitely not been his strong suit—$5 trillion debt in 3 years.

What has been his strong policy?

He got A+ in Socialism 101 in college.

3)     Obama’s Jobs bill

After the poor May employment numbers—69,000 new jobs and unemployment rate of 8.2%–Obama has been getting back to the blame game.

Particularly, he’s been blaming Congress—Republicans—for not passing his jobs bill that he presented to them in September 2011.

Where was his jobs bill—to create more jobs—in 2009-2010 when he controlled both houses of Congress?

The jobs bill was purely for political purposes, knowing the Republicans would not vote for more stimulus money. When he first presented to Congress, it was “pass it as whole”—not a la carte option. No negotiation was allowed.

A good leader would negotiate with both parties to pass what he wanted for the country.

It’s time to have a good leader in the White House.

Ch3 Nguyen


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