Wisconsin Recall Election (part deux)

1)     Wisconsin voters spoke—Romey and Obama should listen!

Wisconsin has not gone to Republican in presidential election since Ronald Reagan. In 2008, Obama won the state by a large margin 14%—a whopping 414,818 votes. Obama knew this and has not spent much time there. Romney knew it too and has not spent much time campaigning in WI neither.

That is until the Wisconsin recall election on 6/5. Wisconsin voters proved that they are willing to vote differently from history—if they hear and believe the right messages.

2)     What Wisconsin voters told Romney and Obama on 6/5

Of the voters polled by Edison Research of Somerville, N.J, , 51% would vote for Obama and 44% would vote for Romney if the election was held on 6/5. The 7% is just half of Obama’s winning margin in 2008. Obviously, this is good news for Romney. Of those who would vote for Obama, 18% voted for Governor Walker—i.e. Walker was able to convince 9% of total voters to vote for him although they would vote for Obama. Romney needs these people to win WI. He needs to convince these 9% that he is the better president.

–>54% of voters approved Walker’s record on creating jobs: and 93% in this group voted for Walker—i.e. 50.2% of total voters. Romney needs to continue to talk about Obama’s job creation record—or lack of—and show why Romney’s policies are better for job creation. Remind the voters not to fall for Obama’s blame of the Republicans for not passing his job bill while Obama had control of both houses of Congress in 2009-2010 and did not even try to create job bill—instead, he went for ObamaCare that would be struck down by SCOTUS anytime now. Scott Walker turned the $3 billion deficit into $154 million surplus without raising taxes on level of income. Romney needs to remind people that Obama wants to raise taxes to spend more.

–>36% of voters thought their financial situation worse than 2 years ago: and 52% in this group voted for Walker—i.e. 17.8% of total voters. Of course, Romney should ask voters “Are you better off now than 4 years ago?” And tell them what Obama has or has not done to improve the economy. Romney needs show why he has the better plans to improve the economy and why if Obama continues on his course the economy will go nowhere.

Obama, of course, may need to reconsider his tax strategy. Even former Bill Clinton agrees that Bush tax cuts should be extended.

Obama needs to stop blaming others—Bush and Republicans—for the economy and high unemployment. He needs to convince people if we stay the course, the economy will pick up.

It will be a good state for Romney if he can pick it up.

November race just got more interesting and we have the voters in WI to thank for.


Ch3 Nguyen


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