Wisconsin Recall Election

As governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker turned $3 billion deficit into a surplus of over $150 million for the state—without having to raise taxes.

As governor of California, Jerry Brown is trying to raise tax for his $16 billion deficit—or he will cut K-12 and college education budget further.

Wisconsin has low unemployment rate of 6.7%, much lower than national unemployment rate of 8.2%.

Jerry Brown has 11% unemployment rate in his state and has no plan to create jobs.

Wisconsin students have 180 school days a year and over $11,000 spent per student—23% in CA had a score of 25+ in ACT or 1780+ in SAT

California students have 175 school days a year and about $9,400 spent per student—15% in CA had a score of 25+ in ACT or 1780+ in SAT

…well we can go on and on to compare between the 2 governors….

And yet, Scott Walker had to survive a recall election on 6/5 to stay employed.

Jerry Brown is still in Sacramento…with no real plan to turn California out of the $16 billion deficit. And he is planning to spend over $100 billion on the bullet train to nowhere.

One last comparison…

Scott Walker is a Republican.

Jerry Brown is a Democrat.


Ch3 Nguyen



4 comments on “Wisconsin Recall Election

  1. Mr.Walker is my hero. This is a true David vs goliath story. Everybody, including myself, thought he was insane to go after the union…wow, what a night.

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