Nice student banned from school bus for stopping gang bullying a girl with mental disabilities

1)     Two wrongs won’t make a right!

According to a Fox News reports, Stormy Rich, 18, was allowed to ride a middle school bus—she already had enough credits so she could start classes late—to Umatilla High School. That was until she stopped a group of middle school girls from bullying a girl with mental disabilities.

She first reported the problem to the bus driver then to the school—but no actions were taken. That was when she told the girls if the school would not do anything, she would.

The school stands behind its action. School spokesman said two wrongs don’t make a right.

As for Rich—a 3.67 GPA graduate and soon to be Daytona State College student—the loss of the privileges of using the bus may not be much.

2)     What is the right action to take? And when?

What should Stormy Rich do after the bus driver and the school failed to do anything?

Should she keep silent?

Another story…this one is from CNN

Three New Jersey teenagers were charged on 5/30 with assault and robbery in what authorities described as the bullying of a 15-year-old high school freshman.

The freshman—Lennon Baldwin—committed committed suicide after he was attacked the second time in March.

The first attack was caught by camera. The alleged assailant was suspended by school. The suspended assailant then convinced the freshman telling the officials that it was a joke. But that did not work. The suspension stayed in effect. Baldwin then was robbed and threatened by the assailant and 2 other kids.

Three weeks later, he took his own life.

Were Baldwin’s parents notified by school officials that their son was bullied in the first time? If so, did the parents do anything?

Were the parents of the assailant notified by school official that their sons were bullying other kid? If so, did the parents do anything?

In anyhow, I believe Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin would wish there was a “Stormy Rich” at Morristown High School.


Ch3 Nguyen


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