Mitt Romney’s high-school years at Cranbrook School—do we need to know?

1)     Romney’s high-school years

If you have nothing better to do (than reading an article from Washington Post) and want to know about Mitt Romney’s high-school years at a boarding school, you should read this article from WaPo—and yes, I had 15 minutes of my day with no better thing to do.

Then, you will find that Romney was a kid who liked to pull practical jokes on almost everyone from fellow students to teachers. His worst “offense” during those years was “bullying” a fellow student—often teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality—and cut his hair short. And you will also find that Romney was a sociable person; a strong believer of community services; a very good student; and a business man even at a young age—talking about big government versus small government all the time.

I am not sure of the purposes and the timing of this article from Washington Post. I am guessing it tried to display Romney’s bully manner as a high-school kid. And, perhaps, in a day after President Obama “evolved” into a supporter of gay marriage, the article might be trying to paint Romney as a homophobic person—but how many weren’t back in the 1960s?

2)   President’s characters

Speaking of characters of presidents, let’s consider these facts:

a) In the 90s, there were enough voters voted for a man who smoked marijuana (but did not inhale) during college years; committed adultery in his years as governor of a southern state; lied to public during his years as president and how did he do? In his first 2 years in office, he was pretty far to the left; failed to have “HillaryCare” passed; and achieved pretty much nothing. Then, after he lost Congress to the opposite party in the mid-term election, he moved closer to the center. He worked with Republican-controlled congress—sometimes forced by Republicans—to achieve these 2 major things: 1) passed welfare reform 2) cut spending, balanced the budget and with the internet boom even got surpluses.

b) Recently, people voted for a president with so many secrecies—no one could know his birth certificate, his college transcripts, his friends—that the media did its best not to dig up much on his past. It seemed the only thing mattered to people, who voted for him, was his slogan, “Hope and Change”. In his first 2 years, with control of both Houses of Congress, he passed ObamaCare which may be struck down by SCOTUS.  People hoped alright—for better economy and jobs. And hopes have not been delivered yet. People wanted changes alright—for both parties working together for a better America. And good changes have not happened.

But, now, amid a stagnant economy; high unemployment rate (8.2%) and under-employment rate (14.9%); and high yearly deficit—on the money borrowed from China no less—tacked on top of tremendous national debts…Washington Post is trying to distract voters with high-school stories of a presidential candidate. Nice try but it will not work!

3)   Recognize garbage when you see garbage

That is the conclusion that I came to after reading the article. Nice try but no, we will not fall for it. And most people will continue to pay attention to the most important issue—economy—in this election. This happened before. I will borrow a piece from Erick Erickson—“this reminds me of 1992 all over again. The George H. W. Bush team wanted to go focus on Bill Clinton the draft dodger from Vietnam because they couldn’t fight on the economy. Unlike 1992, Barack Obama has the media doing it for him. It did not work then. It will not work now. Nice try, Washington Post.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Ch3 Nguyen


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