Double wins in North Carolina for Mitt Romney

Love & Marriage

Love & Marriage

North Carolina is considered one of the swing states in this presidential election. The latest SurveyUSA (4/26-4/30) had Obama leading Romney by 47%-43% while Rasmussen Reports (4/10) showed Romney in front 46%-44%.

North Carolina is one of the swing states that Mitt Romney needs to win in November to win the election.

On 5/8, Romney won the GOP primary as expected.

But on this night—in the state that is considered a close race between Obama and Romney—the voters soundly approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman. North Carolina became the 30th state to ban gay marriage.

With 93% of the precincts reported, the amendment is passing with 61% for versus 39% against.

Why is this good news to Romney? People who oppose gay marriage will tend to vote for Republican Presidential candidate. However, it’s also true that most African-Americans do not support gay marriage—and there are some counties with large African-American population that Obama won by a large margin in 2008.

Eventually, Obama will have to make a stand against or for gay marriage—a decision that he has been avoiding perhaps waiting for tonight’s result from North Carolina. If he chooses to be for gay marriage, he will please the younger voters. On the other hand, if he chooses to be against gay marriage, he will take a risk to lose some of the African-American votes—not to mention a portion of Hispanic votes as well.

I believe Obama will finally choose to be for gay marriage. That will move the toss-up North Carolina to leaning Republican—if not a solid Republican state—because reserving the marriage definition is more important than the race of the president.

Ch3 Nguyen


2 comments on “Double wins in North Carolina for Mitt Romney

  1. North Carolina already banned gay marriage. Tonight they just banned civil unions and spit in the faces of LGBT Americans. Obama won’t voice his support for gay marriage until his second term, knowing full-well his base won’t abandon him for a religious nut who’s vowed to enforce DOMA.

    • You may be right.
      The next few days, he will be pressured to come out and support gay marriage. If he remains silent, he will lose the younger votes –but then he will retain his African-American and Hispanics votes.
      Like you say, he may choose to remain silent until his second term.

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