Nice student banned from school bus for stopping gang bullying a girl with mental disabilities

1)     Two wrongs won’t make a right!

According to a Fox News reports, Stormy Rich, 18, was allowed to ride a middle school bus—she already had enough credits so she could start classes late—to Umatilla High School. That was until she stopped a group of middle school girls from bullying a girl with mental disabilities. Continue reading


John Sununu to Soledad O’Brien: You should be embarrassed!

1)     CNN should be embarrassed!

As John Sununu bluntly put it…this country has a job problem, and CNN keeps talking about “birther” and Donald Trump.

Soledad O’Brien thought it was legit to bring up the “birther” issue because Donald Trump is a high level supporter/surrogate for Romney. And she wanted someone from Mitt Romney’s campaign to acknowledge that Donald Trump is wrong on the “birther” issue. Continue reading

Romney clinches 2012 GOP nomination!

1)     Can Romney win enough swing states to get 270?

With Texas primary victory, Mitt Romney went over the needed 1144 delegates to win the Republican nomination to face Barack Obama in November election.

The question is now—or has been for weeks—which swing states can Romney win in order to get 270 electoral votes for the victory?

Arizona (11 electoral votes): John McCain won this state by almost 9% margin in 2008. Latest PPD poll (5/20) had Romney in front by 7%. However, AZ has become a swing state since many “experts” believe that the SB 1070 may have an adverse effect on the Republicans. In 2008, Hispanic/Latino voters made up 16% of total voters—41% of the group (i.e. 6.5% total voters) voted for McCain. On the other hand, Catholics made up 24% of total voters—49% (i.e. 12% total voters) voted for Obama. Let’s suppose Romney would lose all Hispanic/Latino votes—loss of 6.5%—because of SB 1070, he would need Obama to lose at least half of the Catholic votes—because of Obama’s evolution into support of gay marriage and the contraception issue—in order to win the state.

Florida (29): I predicted that Romney would win this state a few weeks back (read more here). Latest poll by Quinnipiac (5/21) showed Romney leading Obama by 6%—but winning the independent voters by 44%-36%. Romney was viewed as better to handle economy 50%-40%—anyone wonder why Obama has been attacking Bain recently?

North Carolina (15), Virginia (13): I predicted that Romney would win North Carolina and Virginia—although Virginia will be tougher battle. (Click here for more info).

New Hampshire (4), Iowa (6): Romney will need to win one of these 2 states. In 2008, Catholic voters made up 38% of all voters—50% (i.e. 19% of all voters) voted for Obama. This year, that will change. Will it be enough to override Obama’s 10% margin of victory in 2008? Yes, it will be.

Ohio (18): Ohio will be the state that Romney will have to carry if he has any hopes for the win in November. I predicted that he would win it (read more here). Rob Portman as VP will perhaps ensure the Romney victory.

The dark horse will be Wisconsin with its 10 electoral votes. Last time, Obama won it by almost 14%. However, Governor Scott Walker is leading in his recall election. If he wins in June, it will be because of his reforms that turn Wisconsin from deficit into surplus of over $100 million this year. Will a Walker’s win in the recall election deliver a Romney win in November? Perhaps!










2)     Who will be the VP?

This, of course, has been a question for Team Romney for the last several weeks as well. Chris Christie is out—no man from the “liberal” north-east states will probably have a hard time to win the South. Paul Ryan may be better for the Republicans to stay in the House. Marco Rubio may be too young and not experienced enough. Tim Pawlenty is rumored to be a serious candidate—although I wonder what he would add to the ticket. I believe it will be one of these 3 candidates: Rob Portman, Bobby Jindal, and Condoleezza Rice. For the record, back in 2008, I hoped that John McCain would pick Rice as his running mate. Just imagine the debate between Rice and Biden—can’t wait to see that.

Ch3 Nguyen

A day to remember…

A day to remember…











A day to remember all 1,343,812 soldiers who died for the Freedom, the Land, the Flag we enjoy daily…

            —6,280 in the War on Terror (Afghanistan & Iraq)

            —58,209 in Vietnam War

            —36,516 in Korean War

            —405,399 in World War II

            —116,516 in World War I

            —over 600,000 in Civil War

            —and many other wars

A day to remember not to take Freedom for granted.

A day to remember to love the Land so many died protecting it.

And it’s a day to remember to respect the Flag of the country.


Ch3 Nguyen

Memorial Day 2012

After the American Civil War, Memorial Day was first set up as a day to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers who died in the Civil War. It’s now a day to remember all who have died for the country—to protect the freedom, the land and the flag that all of us enjoy every day.

What does freedom mean to people?

What does America mean to people? Continue reading

Truant Student arrested and jailed for 24 hrs in Houston

1)     Student arrested for being truant

Diane Tran—a 17-year-old high school student—was arrested and jailed for being absent from school too many times without permission. Apparently, she is too exhausted to attend school.

Tran—an honor junior taking advanced and honor classes at Willis High school—works 2 jobs to support her 2 siblings including her older brother attending Texas A&M and another younger sister. She was warned by Judge Lanny Moriarty last month to stop missing school. Continue reading

Catholic organizations/churches sue Obama administration on contraception mandate

1)     43 catholic organizations/churches are named as plaintiffs on several lawsuits

Notre Dame Cathedral - Saigon

Notre Dame Cathedral – Saigon

From a report by, on 5/21, several lawsuits were filed to challenge the constitutionality of the contraception mandate. Big names among the 43 plaintiffs are University of Notre Dame, the Archdiocese of New York, the Archdiocese of Washington DC and The Catholic University of America.  Continue reading

Bộ Quốc phòng Hoa Kỳ lo ngại về mức phát triển quân sự của Trung Quốc

1)     Trong khi Hoa Kỳ cắt ngân sách quốc phòng, Trung Quốc tăng 11%

Theo bài viết từ Wall Street Journal ngày 19/5, trong bản tường trình hàng năm về sự hiện đại hóa quân sự của Trung Quốc, Bộ Quốc Phòng lập lại mối quan tâm về sự phát triển quân đội của Trung Quốc nhằm giữ Hoa Kỳ ra khỏi Tây Thái Bình Dương. Continue reading

G8: All Talk No Specific Solutions!

1)     Postpone austerity to spend/spend/spend and spend?  

According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, the G8 leaders agreed to emphasize on policies that quickly produce jobs and growth over austerity.

Direct quotes from The Wall Street Journal—with emphasis added:The direction the debate has taken lately should give us confidence,” Mr. Obama said in a statement to reporters at the close of the summit. “There’s now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now in the context of these fiscal and structural reforms…” Continue reading

Hoa Kỳ và Công Ước Luật Biển Liên Hiệp Quốc (UNCLOS)

1)     Thượng Nghị Sĩ “Hỏa Lò” John McCain kêu gọi ủng hộ đồng minh trên Biển Đông

Đường lưỡi bò đi ngược với UNCLOS

Đường lưỡi bò đi ngược với UNCLOS

Thượng Nghị Sĩ John McCain tuyên bố Hoa Kỳ không thể để Trung Quốc “muốn làm gì thì làm” trên Biển Đông trong khi những quốc gia nhỏ trong vùng phải chịu đựng– “do as they please [while] smaller states suffer“. Trong một bài diễn văn đọc tại Trung Tâm Nghiên Cứu Chiến Lược Quốc Tế ở Hoa Thịnh Đốn, TNS McCain còn nhấn mạnh tình hình căng thẳng trên Biển Đông nêu lên sự cần thiết cho việc gia tăng sự hiện diện của Hoa Kỳ trong vùng. Continue reading

Jerry Brown and CA’s $16 billion deficit

1)     School funding is always first to be cut

Governor Jerry Brown released his revised budget plan for the fiscal year starting July 1st showing California’s deficit is at $15.7 billion—or about 17% of its $91 billion general fund, aka California check book for day-to-day operations. The $15.7 shortage is much higher than $9.2 billion estimated by Brown in January. Continue reading

những câu chuyện học sinh…

1)     ngày xửa, ngày xưa...

chuyện kể rằng…có một cậu học sinh lớp 12 tánh hay chọc ghẹo, phá phách các bạn học—mà ngay cả các thầy giám thị cũng không tha. tuy hay bầy trò phá phách, nhưng cậu lại học khá giỏi, lại thêm hay tham gia các hoạt động cộng đồng của trường. cả trường nội trú không ai không biết “tiếng” của cậu.  một ngày nọ, có thằng bạn—tóc dài phủ mắt nhuộm vàng óng ánh trong y như các nàng vậy—thơ thẩn đi ngang mặt cậu…chướng mắt quá! trong khi cả trường nội trú nam, ai cũng tóc hớt cao, gọn gàng, thế mà thằng này…không để thế được! thế là cậu học sinh nổi máu phá của mình lên, rủ thêm vài thằng bạn, lập mưu đè thằng ấy ra, kéo trên tay, cậu cắt dần mái tóc chướng mắt ấy…vừa cắt, vừa cười…mặc tiếng khóc lóc kêu cứu. Continue reading

Mitt Romney’s high-school years at Cranbrook School—do we need to know?

1)     Romney’s high-school years

If you have nothing better to do (than reading an article from Washington Post) and want to know about Mitt Romney’s high-school years at a boarding school, you should read this article from WaPo—and yes, I had 15 minutes of my day with no better thing to do.

Then, you will find that Romney was a kid who liked to pull practical jokes on almost everyone from fellow students to teachers. His worst “offense” during those years was “bullying” a fellow student—often teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality—and cut his hair short. And you will also find that Romney was a sociable person; a strong believer of community services; a very good student; and a business man even at a young age—talking about big government versus small government all the time. Continue reading

Double wins in North Carolina for Mitt Romney

Love & Marriage

Love & Marriage

North Carolina is considered one of the swing states in this presidential election. The latest SurveyUSA (4/26-4/30) had Obama leading Romney by 47%-43% while Rasmussen Reports (4/10) showed Romney in front 46%-44%.

North Carolina is one of the swing states that Mitt Romney needs to win in November to win the election. Continue reading

Obama “ăn mừng” giỗ đầu của Osama trong tuần qua, 4/29 – 5/5

1)     Obama ăn mừng giỗ đầu của Osama

Tuần qua đánh dấu một năm ngày Hoa Kỳ tiêu diệt trùm khủng bố al-Qaeda—Osama bin Laden. Tổng thống Obama kỷ niệm ngày này bằng 1 loạt những quảng cáo nhắc nhở cho dân chúng Hoa Kỳ (đúng hơn là nhắc nhở cử tri) là chính ông đã quyết định cho giết Osama—một quyết định mà không dám chắc là Mitt Romney sẽ làm. Continue reading

Obama’s week in review—4/29 to 5/5

1)     Obama celebrated Osama’s death

The week started out with the controversy of President Obama taking full credit for Osama bin Laden’s death—and yes, he was responsible for giving the order to go into bin Laden’s compound and took Osama out—and implied that Mitt Romney would not take the same actions. To his credit, that decision was not easy to make as many lives of US Navy SEALS were at risk in the operation, not to mention the consequences had it failed. Continue reading

Obama thất bại thê thảm trong vụ luật sư Trần quang Thành


Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng

Trước hết, phải nói các quan chức ngoại giao trong chính quyền Obama đã quá ngây thơ khi tin rằng họ đã thương lượng thành công với chính quyền Trung Quốc để cho nhà đấu tranh/luật sư khiếm thị Trần quang Thành có thể trở về an toàn với gia đình và còn được đi học ở một trường đại học. Continue reading