Kum Bay Ya, my friends, let us hold hands and sing!

Santorum and Romney (Photo: esquire.com)

Don’t blame Mitt Romney if he feels like singing “Kum Bay Ya” now.

Rick Santorum announced today, 04/10/2012, that he would suspend his campaign.

 “We made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over — for me — and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting,” Santorum said but stopped short of releasing all his bound delegates free to vote for any other candidate—like Mitt Romney.

“This game is a long, long, long way from over. We will continue to go out and fight and defeat President Barack Obama.” Santorum confirmed his intention to continue to maintain a voice in this election and to fight for Obama removal, but again stopped short of endorsing Mitt Romney.

This of course is an important event for Romney’s team for many reasons:

1)     Most importantly, Romney can now concentrate on Obama. He and his team need to steer the debates back to important issues—economy; energy to get off foreign dependency; tax cut to promote growth and employment; China—any time that Obama and his team try to distract voters like his “Buffett Rule” tax talk to create class warfare between 1% and 99%

2)     Campaign fund. Romney team can stop pending money for ads in the primaries, save and raise fund for the general election.

3)     Romney can officially begin the talk of choosing VP candidate. Will it be Marco Rubio and the possibility of 29 electoral votes from Florida? Paul Ryan and his state’s 10 electoral votes? Rob Portman and Ohio’s 18 electoral votes. Although it’s not guaranteed that each will be able to deliver his state, but Marco Rubio seems to be the best candidate as he may be able to attract Latinos from other states—like California. Second best choice will be Rob Portman since Ohio is more important that Wisconsin—and it’s more important to have Ryan remaining in the House. Whoever the VP candidate may be, I can’t wait to see the VP debate with Joe Biden who never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job.

Game is on. Don’t let Obama’s trash talks (Buffet Rule, Romney’s tax returns, Romney’s wealth) distract you. Sit back and listen to the real debates.

Let’s vote for the right candidate this year!

Ch3 Nguyen


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