Obama’s friend Bill Ayers: We are living in a militarized society!

During a recent visit to the Occupy Wall Street in New York—where Bill Ayers and his wife were greeted like rock stars—Bill said, recalling how on his flight to New York service members were allowed to board first:

We are living in a militarized society. That, that, it’s clear what the message is from power.  The message is that Occupy represents violence, and marginalization and insanity, when in reality it’s the 1% that represents violence, and insanity and militarism.  We’ve got a militarized society and its become so common sense that, getting on the airplane coming out here, the first thing they said was let all the, uhh, let all the ya know, uniformed military get on first and thank you for your service.  And I said as I always do: let’s let the teachers and nurses get on first and thank them for their service.  I mean, why is it that everything military has got to be good and everything that has to do with actual work, real work, not jobs, real work for people, that stuff gets discouraged and marginalized.

As much as I respect teachers and nurses—one group shapes the future and one group keeps the presence healthy—I do think that the men and women in the military and fire departments deserve much more respect. These women and men risk their lives in their daily jobs for good people (you and me) as well as a..holes like Bill Ayers to live. If this country is so bad, Bill Ayers should try moving to China. Ever wonder what happened to the young men and women in Tiananmen Square? What happened to that young man who stood in front of that tank? He simply disappeared. Yes, Bill Ayers should move to Beijing.

By the way, what was that saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

Ch3 Nguyen


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