Are you satisfied?

Are you satisfied with the way things are going in this country?

According to a Gallup poll (released on 3/14/2012), 26% of Americans are. At this mark, it is well over the all time low of 7% right after the government passed the TARP in October 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis. The satisfaction percentage has also steadily increased from a low of 11% in August-2011.

As economy has slowly recovered, more people will become optimistic—and that will be a main factor in the satisfaction percentage as 31% of people surveyed in this poll thought economy was most important to them.

I am, however, not in this group of “26 %” yet. I think this country still needs lots of corrections:

  • Total national debt is very high, over 15 trillion—with 4 trillion coming from Obama’s administration in just 3 years 2010-2012. Ironically, only 9% of the people surveyed thought federal debt was the most important problem in this poll.
  • Although economy has created jobs the last few months, I believe we are not even close to where we need/want to be. The underemployment rate is still high at about 14.9% while the unemployment rate is still 8.3%— unemployment/jobs was thought to be the most important problem by 26% of the people surveyed.
  • I agree with 13% of this group who were dissatisfied with government/Congress/politicians. It seems to me we have 2 extreme groups of Democrats and Republicans in both Houses of Congress who seldom work together to solve problems at hand. Adding to that is a President who has his own radical agenda.

As we head into this year’s election, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you happy with the direction that this country is heading?
  • Can we do better? Do we deserve better?
  • Is it time for real changes in Washington D.C? Is it time to vote out those career Congressmen/Congresswomen/Senators who have spent over 12 years in D.C?

Ch3 Nguyen


6 comments on “Are you satisfied?

  1. Time to vote out Republicans who destroyed the economy, created the enormous debt, got us into two unwinnalble wars, and then tried to block all efforts to fix the problems. At this time of national crisis, the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, declared his number one priority is making sure Obama is a one term president. THAT, at the very least, is unAmerican. It could even be considered treasonous.

    • Thx for your comment. I will vote out my CA Senator Feinstein who has been in Senate since 1992—that is 20 years in Senate. It’s also my desire to vote out President Obama who has not done much for this economy. And don’t blame the Republicans on the economy. In Obama’s first 2 years (2009-2010), both Houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats. Obama could pass any job bills he wanted to—but he chose not do so. Obama could change tax law, i.e. to implement Buffett’s law if he wanted to—but he did not. I don’t think it’s treasonous of McConnell to want Obama out. I think it’s treasonous to bow to other country leader when you’re the President of my country.

      • Maybe you should follow the news a bit rather than just listening to right-wing talking points. But, that would take a bit of effort, and it’s much easier to just complain.

    • Well Said, but please remember we have to find Republican who can beat the Current guy. We definitely need independents. We call them independent because they are in the middle. So we can’t win them but sitting on far right. Please I am begging every one this is the once chance we have don’t let it go. Republican will vote for any republican.* some say they even vote for a tea cup than let liberals go on and on.)

  2. I get my news usually online from USA Today, Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and OC Register. My habit is that once I read the news, I analyze it and seek further information to see where the truths are. Agree with you that I do complain when my government is spending as if dollars can be printed at will–oops, they did print money at will.

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