Obama’s energy policy

As we are paying for higher gas price across the country, we need to remember a few energy saving suggestions that Obama suggested:

1)     Inflate your tires:

On July 30 2008: “There are things that you can do individually though to save energy”, then candidate Obama said.”Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups. You could actually save just as much.”

2)     Grow more algae:

During an energy speech on Feb. 23, 2012, President Obama told the crowd that gasoline and diesel fuel are being developed from algae.

If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right—said President Barack Obama

These may explain why he rejected the Keystone XL pipeline that prevented us from buying oil from our friendly neighbor, Canada. This rejection also means thousands of barrels of oil daily from North Dakota and Montana will have to be transported to the refineries at a higher cost—not to mention thousands of jobs. Who owns the railroad that transports these barrels of oil? It’s Berkshire Hathaway, run by Warren Buffett—one of Obama’s biggest supporters. Is it coincidence? I think not.

Ch3 Nguyen


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