A bad week for Obama Administration!

Obama (Photo: AP)

Mar 25: the week started with bad news about Obama trying to pay off victims of Kandahar massacre an amount of $50,000 per victim (click here for more details) Continue reading


It’s time when to hold ’em and time when to fold ’em…

On 3/29, former President George H.W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney— “I do think it’s time for the party to get behind Gov. Romney,” Bush said. “Kenny Rogers sang, ‘It’s time when to hold ’em and time when to fold ’em.’

It is indeed about time.

It’s time for Ron Paul to leave the race. He’s run a good campaign. He’s made many good points. However, he does not have enough delegates to continue. Continue reading

Poll: Should ObamaCare be ruled unconstitutional?

The fate of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) seems to be decided by how 2 key conservative justices—John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy—determine the constitutionality of the mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance. The panel of 9 justices appear to be divided along the ideological line, with 5 justices (appointed by the last 3 Republican presidents) questioned the constitutionality of the mandate while the 4 justices (appointed by Clinton and Obama) defended the law. Continue reading

Is ObamaCare on the path to be ruled unconstitutional?

According to a report by Washington Post, in the second day of Supreme Court hearing, one of the conservative justices who most likely sides with the liberals, Justice Anthony Kennedy thought that the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) would invoke a power “beyond what our cases allow” the Congress to wield in regulating interstate commerce. Continue reading

Tự Thiêu—người Tây Tạng và cuộc đấu tranh cho Tự Do và Độc Lập

Jamyang Palden—một nhà sư 39 tuổi—tự thiêu ở in Rongwo. Nhà sư được cứu sống nhưng bị tàn phế nặng—nhưng có lẻ nổi đau thể xác ấy không sánh được với vết thương dân tộc Tây Tạng bị đô hộ từ năm 1951.

Sonam Dargye— một nông dân 43 tuổi với 3 đứa con—uống và tẩm dầu hỏa và tự châm lửa. Ông hy sinh, tranh đấu cho tự do tôn giáo cho người Tây Tạng.

Trước đó không lâu, Tsering Kyi—học sinh 20 tuổi—cũng tự tẩm dầu, châm lửa, tự đốt mình hy sinh cho Tây Tạng. Continue reading

Self-Immolation—Tibetans and the Fight for Freedom and Independence

Tsering Kyi—a 20-year-old student—poured gasoline on and set fire to herself. She died at a market in Machu. Among her last words to her family, “We should do something for Tibet, life is meaningless if we don’t do something for Tibet”.

Jamyang Palden—a 39-year-old monk—set himself on fire in Rongwo. He was taken to the hospital. He survived but is critically injured.

Sonam Dargye—a 43-year-old farmer and father of three—drank kerosene and then set himself on fire. He did not survive. Continue reading

Voter Photo ID Law

Just in time for the general election in November 2012, Pennsylvania is now the 16th state that will require voters to show some form of photo ID at the voting place—state driver license; other government issued photo ID such as passport, military ID, government employee ID; or college student ID. These ID must be current and have expiration date. Continue reading

Romney won more delegates than Santorum on 3/13/2012!

While Rick Santorum enjoyed wins in two southern states, Alabama and Mississippi on 3/13/2012, Mitt Romney actually won more delegates than Santorum.

According to RealClearPolitics.com, the delegates breakdown for 03/13/2012 are:

  Romney Santorum Gingrich Paul















American Samoa





Romney won a total of 41 delegates. Santorum won 37 delegates.

Slowly but steadily, Romney is getting to the goal of 1144 delegates needed for the nomination