Obama sings the blues

-President Carter could not do much in office, but he could build houses for the poor afterward.

-President Reagan could lead this country back to economic prosperity—after 4 years of Carter administration—and delivered a win of the Cold War.

-President Bush (41) could win Desert Storm.

-President Clinton could play the saxophone.

-President Bush (43) could destroy Saddam Hussein.

Well, President Obama can sing the blues…to the tunes of:

  • 8.3% unemployment rate (actual unemployment rate is 15.9% if people who are under-employed or have given up searching for jobs are included)
  • 14% unemployment rate among the young adults, and 9.1% unemployment rate  among the recent college graduates
  • 45.8 million on food stamps (aka Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program-SNAP)—almost 15% of the country’s population
  • total deficit of over 15 trillion—with almost 4 trillion coming from his administration in just 3 years 2010-2012

It’s time for real changes. It’s time that we have a president:

  • who has business experience to lead the country back to economic prosperity
  • who has lived in and understands the real business world—outside of Washington DC—to create jobs for the people
  • who can stand up tough to China by:
    • balancing trades between two countries
    • protecting American intellectual property
    • forcing China to allow a fair currency valuation on the yuan
    • stopping China aggression in the Asia Pacific area

Who is that person?

He’s surely not  Barack Obama.

 Ch3 Nguyen


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